Provision #760: Your Brain On Grief

Laser Provision Last week I shared with you that we were waiting with my mother in a hospital in Cleveland. At the time I wrote my short Provision we were only beginning to glimpse the severity of her condition. With blood clots in both lungs, damaging her heart and other internal organs, she was lucky […]

Provision #759: Your Brain On Waiting

Laser Provision Waiting. There’s a reason people describe waiting as being in the meantime. Waiting can be mean and otherwise difficult. It’s hard to put life on hold, to not know the future, and to make decisions with limited information. That’s the space I am living in right now, in a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, […]

Provision #758: Your Brain On Exercise

Laser Provision I have often written about the connection between my running routines and these weekly Provisions. Schedule permitting, I often sit down and write them soon after I clean up from a long run. I’m doing that right now. If you thought that running for 2+ hours just gives me a lot of time […]

Provision #757: Your Brain On Dialogue

Laser Provision Last week I wrote about the impact of goals on the human brain and by now I hope you know that when I write “brain” I mean the entire body-brain complex. Our brains are connected and distributed throughout every part of our body and goals have a demonstrable, beneficial effect on both their […]

Provision #756: Your Brain On Goals

Laser Provision When people work with coaches they usually want help with setting and achieving goals. The motivation is often very practical: they want to be more successful in life and work. What they don’t always realize, however, is that the act of setting and striving to achieve goals changes the brain in demonstrable and […]