Provision #765: What Have We Learned?

Laser Provision When I started this Provisions series four months ago on Our Distributed Brains, little did I know what an educational and eventful four months it would be. I invited you then to help me co-construct this Provisions series by referring me to some of your favorite books and articles on learning and the brain. […]

Provision #764: Your Brain On Wonder

Laser Provision There is, of course, a play on words in Candace Pert’s 2006 book title, Everything you Need to Feel Go(o)d. Feeling good and feeling the presence of God are inextricably connected. The physiology, psychology, and spirituality of goodness and God are one and the same. There is a simple reason for that as everyone […]

Provision #763: Your Brain On Learning

Laser Provision My wife, Megan, and I spent the past week in Las Vegas. It’s not what you think. No gambling and glitzy shows for us. We spent the week laboring on the new home of our daughter and son-in-law. They purchased a foreclosure property which meant two things: they got a great deal and […]

Provision #762: Your Brain On Sleep

Laser Provision Right before my mother went into the hospital for the medical crisis that led to her death, I wrote a Provision titled Your Brain on Exercise. Then began the 3-week odyssey of waiting, grief, and support that I have written about and shared with you through Provisions. During that 3-week period, many of my […]

Provision #761: Your Brain On Support

Laser Provision I have written many times about the notion of a “Limbic hijack,” when your emotions take over and your thinking gets pushed to the side. When that happens, we often succumb to “fight, flight, or freeze” responses. Fight relates to anger; flight relates to fear; freeze relates to grief. That was what I […]