Provision #475: Powerful Plants

Laser Provision When it comes to optimal wellness, the nutritional powerhouses are fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. These foods are the star performers with a delightful quality: there’s almost no way to eat too much of them. That’s why the LifeTrek Optimal Wellness Prototype sets a minimum daily level of consumption for fruits and vegetables with […]

Provision #474: Water Clarity

Laser Provision I had not planned to write another Provision on water, but the replies and requests of the past week provoked me to greater reflection. There’s obviously more work to do and so I’ve written this Provision in Q&A format. The bottom line is that water benefits us on many levels, including the physical, […]

Provision #473: Water Rights

Laser Provision Good nutrition starts with good hydration. The human body is more water than anything else, so it behooves us to stay adequately hydrated with clean, fresh water. In most environments, that’s easier said than done. Either clean, fresh water is not available or it is eclipsed by other liquids. For anyone who wants […]

Provision #472: A Better Pyramid

Laser Provision Today we move on to look at the details of why the official 2005 Dietary Recommendations read the way they do. There’s a lot of science behind them, but they are limited by the mass audience for which they are written. If you want to stand out from the crowd, if you want […]

Provision #471: Nutrition 401

Laser Provision What are the basics of healthy nutrition? That question is harder to answer than it might, at first, appear. Food isn’t what it used to be and the effects are taking their toll. Overweight and obesity are the rule rather than the exception in many parts of the world while, at the same […]