Provision #482: Resilient Roots

Laser Provision Strong roots make for great resilience; that’s as true for plants as it is for people. Without strong roots, trees blow over in the wind while people without strong roots get exhausted in the face of challenge. That connection accounts, in part, for why I love to eat root vegetables whenever I am […]

Provision #479: Naturally Nuts

Laser Provision In addition to fruits, vegetables, wild animals, and fish, our distant ancestors had relatively easy access to three other foods: nuts, seeds, and eggs. These foods rounded out the protein and fat requirements of their healthy diets. Fortunately, we can replicate their food choices in today’s world. We can eat more seeds, nuts, […]

Provision #478: Perfect Protein

Laser Provision Quantity, when it comes to protein, is generally not a problem. Most people eat more than enough. But do we eat the right proteins for health and wellness? Do we even know what the right proteins are? From the standpoint of evolutionary nutrition, the answer is clear: people evolved eating non-starchy fruits and […]

Provision #477: Vital Veggies

Laser Provision Too often vegetables are an afterthought, as in, “Eat your fruits and vegetables.” But vegetables deserve far more attention than that. They are at least as important, if not more important, to health and wellness than their fruitier cousins. We’re not talking here about French Fries and peanuts; those may be vegetables but […]

Provision #476: Fabulous Fruits

Laser Provision Today we dig into the one food that really loves to be eaten: fruit. There’s no way to eat too much fruit that is fresh, colorful, and organic (ideally from in-season, local sources). That’s because such fruit is so good for you. It is nutrient-rich with many health benefits, not to mention the […]