Provision #487: Optional Oils

Laser Provision Oils are to nuts and seeds what flours are to grains and legumes: they are a highly-processed and less-nutritious version of the original. No one needs to consume oils in order to be healthy and well; we can get all the fat we need from a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, wild […]

Provision #486: Devilish Dairy

Laser Provision “Ice cream,” they say, “is to die for.” Unfortunately, that expression is more true than people know. Dairy products may taste good, but they cause far more problems than they solve. Don’t believe the propaganda as to how milk “does a body good.” That may help the National Dairy Council sell milk, but […]

Provision #485: Gordian Grains

Laser Provision Grains pose a tough dilemma: we can’t feed the planet without them, but we can’t keep people healthy with them. Not even whole grains are good for us, although they are certainly better for us than refined grains. Three grains in particular, processed grains, glutenous grains, and corn (or maize), are worth minimizing […]

Provision #484: Sullied Soy

Laser Provision After a brief recap of my experience at yesterday’s Baltimore Marathon, this Provision debunks a popular misconception: that soybeans and other legumes are health food. They can actually cause more problems than they solve, particularly for infants, children, and genetically susceptible individuals. All of us have to cope with their allergens, antinutrients, and […]

Provision #483: Trojan Foods

Laser Provision It’s one thing to eat a food and to get sick soon thereafter. We learn very quickly to not do that again. It’s another thing to eat foods that slowly but surely chip away at our health and wellness. We hardly notice their debilitating effects and then, once noticed, we often fail to […]