490: Alluring Alcohol

Laser Provision Everyone has probably heard about the alleged health benefits of alcoholic beverages. Before you run out to the package store, however, you may want to read this Provision. It’s true that some people may benefit from the consumption of no more than one alcoholic drink every day or every other day with their […]

Provision #493: Marvelous Menus

Laser Provision Throughout our series on Optimal Wellness, people have written to ask about menu planning and recipes. This Provision begins to answers those questions with a sample two-week, menu plan and the seventh recipe in our series. The holidays may not seem like a good time to get started on healthy eating, but I […]

Provision #492: Planetary Predicaments

Laser Provision If you were looking for a light, entertaining read then stop here and go no further. This Provision looks at wellness from a planetary perspective, and there are many indications that we are not doing any better on that level than on the level of individual health and wellness. Global politics, conflicts, climate […]

Provision #491: Supportive Supplements

Laser Provision Today I dare to go where angels fear to tread: into the largely unregulated world of nutritional supplements. With so many exotic products and so many sensational claims, it’s hard to know what to believe and what to do. Unfortunately, many people take supplements as replacements for healthy nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle routines. […]

Provision #488: Comforting Chocolate

Laser Provision After my recent Provisions warning about the dangers of legumes, grains, and dairy products, one might assume there are no wonderful treats to eat. Well don’t go there! Chocolate that is dark, organic, fair-trade, shade-grown, non-alkalized, and additive-free offers plenty of health benefits. If you have trouble controlling your consumption of chocolate, which […]