Provision #505: Sleep Well

Laser Provision Sleep your way to better fitness! That’s the message of this Provision. Before worrying about endurance, strength, flexibility, or balance, it’s important to pay attention to the three R’s of optimal fitness: rest, relaxation, and recovery. If that strikes you as surprising then you may want to read on. The science of evolutionary […]

Provision #504: A Better Pattern

Laser Provision As coaches, we are proponents of learning from the past in order to enhance the present and to optimize the future. In our work, we often ask the question, “What was your best experience with that?” Sometimes, that question takes people way back to find the energy and wisdom they need to change. […]

Provision #503: Fitness 401

Laser Provision Today we shift our focus from the input to the output side of the optimal wellness equation. Having looked extensively at nutrition during 2006 it’s time now to look at fitness. What do we do with the energy we consume? The key to health is not to become an exercise addict; the key […]