Provision #511: Savor Silver Linings

Laser Provision It’s easy to savor beauty; but what about the tough times? That’s when we need to look for and to savor the silver linings in life. The formula is simple: positive action flows from positive feeling, positive feeling flows from positive noticing, and positive noticing flows from combining positive intention and attention in […]

Provision #510: Savor Beauty

Last week we focused on laughter; this week we focus on beauty. They both have more to do with fitness than you might imagine. For beauty to have that effect, (1) we need to notice what’s there. Beauty is always there, but we don’t always notice. (2) we need to enjoy what’s there. It needs […]

Provision #509: Laugh Out Loud

Laser Provision Today’s Provision has three simple points: (1) if you don’t feel like laughing, do it anyway. Laughter is a healing balm that lifts the spirits and restores the soul. (2) if you feel like laughing, do it out loud. A quiet, inward chuckle has nowhere near the fitness benefits of loud, boisterous laughs. […]

Provision #507: Breathe Deep

Laser Provision For two weeks we’ve written about the importance of sleep; by lowering our metabolism through sleep we strengthen our metabolism while awake. That’s the fitness connection between exercise and recovery, exertion and rest. When sleep fails to rejuvenate the body it’s usually because breathing fails to become slow, deep, and regular. If you […]

Provision #505: Sleep Enough

Laser Provision Last week we wrote about the importance of getting plenty of sleep at night; this week we show you how. After explaining the four stages of the sleep cycle, this Provision identifies eight suggestions for better sleep. The more we make sleep a priority, give ourselves permission to sleep, follow regular patterns, create […]