Provision #516: Maximum Mix

Laser Provision Long-time readers of LifeTrek Provisions know that I enjoy long-distance running. This Provision may surprise you, therefore, since I argue against non-stop running for hours on end. Such exercise does not take into account our evolutionary inheritance. For millions of years, survival called for a diverse mix of endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance […]

Provision #515: Push Yourself

Laser Provision For millions of years, people didn’t have to worry about pushing themselves. Life pushed us, with one survival challenge after another. There were moments and days of intense activity followed by moments and days of relaxation. Such is our evolutionary inheritance when it comes to optimal fitness. We need to mix it up […]

Provision #514: Just Move

Laser Provision When all else fails, just move. That’s the message of this Provision. It’s a message that’s hardwired into our genetic code. For thousands and millions of years, the human being has been a motion being. We are meant to be physically active and strong, far more so than most of us are today. […]

Provision #513: Warm Up

Laser Provision Professional athletes are not the only ones who need to warm up. Everyday activities, from the most sedentary to the most vigorous, go better when we take the time to warm up. Think of it as preparation. From the start of the day to the end of the day and all throughout the […]

Provision #512: Shift Frequently

Laser Provision With all the attention we’ve given to sleep and the three “R’s” of Optimal Fitness • rest, relaxation, and recovery • you may be starting to think that we’re never going to get you moving. Au contraire! Today we take a final stab at the three “R’s” by encouraging you to make the […]