Provision #527: Wonderful Workouts

Laser Provision Movement is the secret to life. Only in death do we finally rest in peace. Until such time, the more we move the better off we will be. Our health and wellness, both physical and psychological, are directly related to our activity levels. We’ve made the case for that over the past six […]

Provision #526: Planetary Possibilities

Laser Provision When it comes to fitness there is no conflict between what’s good for us as individuals and what’s good for us as a species. The better we take care of ourselves the better things will be for others. When we have the strength, capacity, and desire to use muscle power rather than fossil-fuels, […]

Provision #525: Balance Yourself

Laser Provision Our Paleolithic ancestors were balancing themselves continuously as they went through their active, outdoor lifestyles. We have to generate our own balance challenges as an antidote for our more sedentary, indoor lifestyles. Fortunately, that’s not hard to do. From balance boards, to exercise balls, to simply standing on one foot, there are plenty […]

Provision #522: Easy Does It

Laser Provision Last week we made the connection between stress and strength training. This week we make the connection between stress and stretching. If stress is the coiling of the spring, ever tighter and tighter, then stretching is the way to unwind. It relaxes the body, mind, and spirit. After giving you the opportunity to […]

Provision #521: Make Stress Count

Laser Provision There was a time when stress really counted: it meant our life was at risk. Today, in our computer-driven, 24-7 world, stress has become a constant companion. Even when there is no clear and present danger, people have plenty to worry about. What’s a person to do? One strategy is to stress-proof your […]