Provision #531: The Empathy Factor

Laser Provision Last week, with the help of poetry, I encouraged you to let your love shine. This week I show you how. The secret is the empathy factor. Human beings have become what we are today not because we are the toughest but because we are the smartest of all animals. Those smarts go […]

Provision #530: Let Your Love Shine

Laser Provision It’s often been said that we need to let our little light shine. There’s even a song by that name. But it’s not just any light we need to let shine. It’s not the explosive and destructive light of malevolence; it’s the gentle and constructive light of benevolence. That’s the light that makes […]

Provision #529: Evolutionary Wisdom

Laser Provision You may think of life as dog-eat-dog, but that’s not the whole story. If it were, life would have ended long ago. Other qualities have been more critical to our survival, including empathy, mutual aid, reciprocity, and a community of concern. These benevolent dynamics are not our invention and are not unique to […]

Provision #528: Why Are We Here?

Laser Provision The meaning of life is not to be found in selfish hedonism. It is to be found in benevolence • the act of loving kindness • for one and all. That’s what makes it worth getting up in the morning, eating well, exercising, and doing what we do. When we can make life […]