Provision #536: Russian Diary II

Laser Provision We’re on to the second installment of my wife’s travelogue from Russia. She went there to assist our friend, Jennifer, who was adopting and bringing three young children back to the USA in early August. The journey was both challenging and rewarding. Next week, I intend to reflect on a few of my […]

Provision #535: Russian Diary

Laser Provision As reported two weeks ago, my wife and I have a friend who recently adopted three children from a Russian orphanage. I told her story as an example of empathy in action. My wife, however, has her own story tell since empathy led her to go to Russia with our friend in order […]

Provision #534: Sympathetic Reactions

Laser Provision On Thursday, I shared with a friend that I would be running the Baltimore Marathon on Saturday as the 4:45 pace-team leader. I told her I was a little worried about my conditioning. She told me to relax, trust my body, and then write a great Provision afterwards. Well, things took a surprising […]

Provision #533: The Generosity Factor

Laser Provision Empathy, as an action, connects us with the feelings, needs, and desires of others. As such, it connects us with ourselves as well. The more connected we become, the better we feel; and the better we feel, the healthier we become. That’s because empathy as an action leads, invariably, to empathy in action […]

Provision #532: Empathy As Action

Laser Provision Too often, empathy is seen as a pleasantry to be dispensed with as quickly as possible. It is viewed as a prelude to action rather than as an action in its own right, with its own weight and merit. That is not the view taken, however, by evolutionary biologists. Their research indicates that […]