Provision #542: How To Be Happy

Laser Provision For the third time in three years I am sending out my Provision on “How To Be Happy.” It is, after all, a perennial pursuit. But each time, I add a little more to the mix. The first time I sent it out was in July of 2005, as the conclusion to my […]

Provision #541: What’s Your Calling?

Laser Provision What’s your calling? That’s a different question than what’s your job? Your calling has to do with the difference you seek to make and the legacy you seek to leave in the world. Today I share with you a poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Invitation, that may inspire you to greatness. I hope […]

Provision #540: The Reciprocity Factor

Laser Provision It takes a village, they say, to raise a child. That’s because it takes a village to do just about anything. Human beings, as well as other animals, are not lone rangers. We depend upon each other for the meeting of needs. That’s why empathy is so important: it helps us to understand […]

Provision #539: Pay Attention

Laser Provision Yesterday my lawn mower blew up. I mean I was just going along, mowing, minding my own business, enjoying the fall leaves, when all of a sudden a hole blew out the side of the engine and oil went splattering everywhere. What does that have to do with attention, empathy, and Optimal Wellness? […]

Provision #538: Empathy Wiring

Laser Provision Last week I attended the annual conference of the International Coach Federation in Long Beach, California. Two of the workshops focused on the neuroplasticity of the brain; that is, the ability of the brain to rewire itself in response to stimulation. Contrary to earlier notions of the brain as permanently set in childhood, […]