547: The Community Factor

Laser Provision It’s necessary but not sufficient to have clear intentions and self-discipline. Our environments represent a third factor that may be the most important of all when it comes to supporting and sustaining Optimal Wellness. When those environments are life-giving and life-affirming, when they have our best interests at heart, they represent a sea of […]

Provision #549: Optimal Wellness

Laser Provision Today we conclude our series on Optimal Wellness. Whether it has to do with nutrition, fitness, or the things that make life worth living, we can learn much from studying the practices and patterns of our original human ancestors. The lives of these people were not, as some have suggested, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, […]

Provision #548: The Five Factors

Laser Provision For the past five months we have considered five factors of benevolence: empathy, giving, reciprocity, honesty, and the environment. Each represents a critical piece of the puzzle if we hope to experience Optimal Wellness. That may seem strange, since we usually think of wellness in terms of nutrition and fitness. But it’s so much […]

Provision #544: A Holiday Gift

Laser Provision Last week I wrote about a health scare I had a few weeks ago, even though I was a bit reticent to make myself that vulnerable. After all, when someone like me, a professional coach, reveals that he had what turned out to be a panic attack, it’s easy to conclude that the […]

Provision #543: The Honesty Factor

Laser Provision I had a health scare a couple weeks ago, and this Provision tells the story. I debated about keeping it to myself, protecting my ego and image. In the end, however, the discipline of writing Provisions won out. I decided that honesty was not only the best policy, it was the only policy […]