OD Pathway #104: Bracket Your Interference

To build strong relationships and effective teams, an important listening tool is called Bracketing. Bracketing is when you put some form of mental brackets, like parenthesis, around anything that might get in the way of you listening fully and completely. In previous weeks we’ve defined listening fully and completely as being able to listening to another’s words, tones, body language, and the messages and sounds of the universe. This level of listening can be quite a challenge.

Bracketing is a tool designed to help you listen at this level. First, ask yourself what is getting in the way of listening at this deep and powerful level? The interference often includes things that are happening in our lives. A sick child, a deadline, a disagreement with a coworker, exciting news, etc. Once you identify what is or might be getting in the way of your listening, take your answer and put the “thing” that is getting in the way in a bracket in order to move it out of your line of sight and off to the side. All of this is done mentally and it is very powerful. This “thing” can still be with you, but now it will no longer get in the way of your listening skills. You’ve made a conscious choice to remove it. 

Many of my clients use mental images such as a locked box, a drawer, a safe, or even a toilet, so they can give the “thing” a nice big flush! Once you use the tool of Bracketing, your mind is free and clear to listen to a team member, friend or partner’s every word, every tone, their body language as well as any message or sound from the universe that is up for interpreting.

My challenge to you this week is that you use and share the tool of Bracketing, then simply notice the impact on your ability to listen and continue to grow and nurture those relationships.

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