OD Pathway #102: Listen To The Crickets

Each summer night, the crickets sing their song. However, many of the crickets’ songs go unnoticed, even unheard on many occasions. What else is out there in the world for us to hear on a regular basis? What else possibly goes unheard as we’re listening to our team members, friends, parents, children…? “Listening to the Crickets” is just a way to talk about listening to the Universe. Many things often go unnoticed, dismissed or unexplored. Things like how we feel when someone is speaking to us and how the person speaking is feeling. Also, things like a speaker’s tone of voice, their body language, mental images we have as we listen with a hard focus and even background noises, like car horns and crickets. All of these sounds, the auditory, visual, mental, and emotional sounds, may go unnoticed but can have deep meaning and transformational impact in the exact moment we notice them.

As you practice your listening skills by turning down the volume on your own inner chatter (see Staff #101); I invite you this week, when listening to your team members, to also “Listen to the Crickets.” You can find meaning in the sounds around you, meaning that will assist you to better understand, appreciate, and work with the words you’re hearing.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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