Provision #260: Engage Your Body

Laser Provision By definition, transitions involve endings and beginnings. To start something new one has to finish the old. And there’s no way to finish the old without engaging your body in the process. Don’t wait too long to get going. Find ways to proactively express and experience your feelings. LifeTrek Provision This Provisions’ series […]

Provision #259: Grieve the Loss

Laser Provision Last week I encouraged you to get going. This week, I write about grieving the old in order to make way for the new. It’s not disrespectful to recognize, celebrate, and bury what’s passing away. On the contrary, it’s the greatest tribute of life to get over things and move on. This Provision […]

Provision #258: Get Going

Laser Provision The point of sitting still is not to grow roots. It’s to become so clear about who you are and what you want that it’s easy to get going. Many people put off and procrastinate until they find themselves buried under a mountain of impossibilities and tolerations. Don’t let that happen to you. […]

Provision #257: Sit Still

Laser Provision When the pace of change picks up and you find yourself flying from one thing to the next, particularly as you go through the inevitable transitions of life, there’s one simple, surefire technique to getting through with flying colors: sit still. This Provision tells you how and why. LifeTrek Provision I struggled all […]

Provision #256: Visualize the Flow

Laser Provision With this Provision we get specific about how to make our transitions good, valuable, and welcome. The advice is simple: better pictures make better transitions. We all have the ability to think in mental images. We don’t all use that ability constructively. This Provision tells you how. LifeTrek Provision One of our readers […]