Provision #265: Pay Attention

Laser Provision Are you paying attention to what’s important? Successful people do just that. They identify and stay focused on the critical variables in their environment. That’s especially important when you find yourself in transition. Read on to learn how you can develop and master this competency. LifeTrek Provision Last week I wrote about the […]

Provision #264: Learn Names

Laser Provision Your curiosity may open doors when you find yourself in a new environment, but learning names will keep those doors open. The more names you learn, the more power you have. If you want to successfully navigate life’s transitions, learn the names of people, places, and acronyms. It will do more than you […]

Provision #263: Ply Your Curiosity

Laser Provision When it’s time to settle down in new circumstances and environments, there’s one surefire way to open doors and make things happen: ply your curiosity each and every day. Don’t make like a turtle and pull into your shell. Reach out and discover what the world has to offer. There’s more there than […]

Provision #262: Forgive Yourself

Laser Provision The point of effortless systems is not to eliminate error, although that does happen from time to time. The point is to effortlessly make one as successful as possible. When error does happen, acknowledge the facts and forgive yourself. That’s the only way to move on with joy to bigger and better things. […]

Provision #261: Develop Effortless Systems

Laser Provision Too often we try to navigate transitions through the strength of our own determination and will-power. Unfortunately, that never lasts forever. Things work much better when we design, develop, and draw on effortless, self-organizing systems. This Provision illustrates how to make that happen. LifeTrek Provision As I begin to write this Provision, I […]