Provision #270: Celebrate Life

Laser Provision To successfully navigate life’s transitions we need to get moving, keep moving, and enjoy moving. That’s what this Provision series has been all about. This week I bring this series to a close with a simple summary: celebrate life! LifeTrek Provision We’ve come to the end of our series on Navigating Life’s Transitions. […]

Provision #269: Enjoy the Dance

Laser Provision Transitions are tumultuous times that can stress anyone and can be particularly hard on relationships. But there are ways to successfully navigate them together. Communicate. Propagate. Advocate. Alternate. This Provision coaches you to enjoy the dance of life with your partner. LifeTrek Provision People say that my wife and I have a remarkable […]

Provision #268: Use Peripheral Vision

Laser Provision Most people have a project, especially when they work with a coach. “I want to get a new job!” “I want to double my sales!” “I want to lose 50 pounds!” When you have a project, it’s easy to lose sight of everything else. But tunnel vision is counterproductive. Peripheral vision holds the […]

Provision #267: Be Friendly

Laser Provision Heeding the tips in this Provision will make you irresistibly attractive to the right people and opportunities. But you can boil them all down to one cardinal rule: be friendly. Don’t over do it. And don’t under do it. Just strike the perfect balance between what you’re working on and who you’re working […]

Provision #266: Add Value

Laser Provision Every time you meet someone new, which happens all the time in a new environment following a great transition, people are trying to figure out what kind of person you are. Are you the kind who reaches out and adds value? Or are you going to hold back and subtract value? Successful people […]