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With Bob Tschannen-Moran serving on the Board of Governors of the International Association of Coaching (elected President 2010-2011), and with four certified coaches graduating from three different International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified coach training programs (Coach U, the Coaches Training Institute, and Coach for Life) working together as colleagues in a successful coaching company founded in 1998, LifeTrek coaches are well equipped to guide coaches in training to develop both the art and business of coaching.

The Art of Coaching. How do we become effective coaches? For many of us, it starts with having the heart of a coach. Many professional coaches would say they have been coaching all their lives. But professional coach training, such our own Evocative Coaching Program, informs the coaching heart with an invaluable body of knowledge. Mentor coaching, particularly important in the first few years of a coaching practice, is the key to get that heart and body connected and moving. Having an experienced coach in your corner will promote life-long learning and develop the coaching wisdom to be truly effective.

The Business of Coaching. How do we become successful coaches? Unfortunately, it take more than just experience. There are many experienced coaches; there are far fewer successful coaches who have mastered the business of coaching. Sales, marketing, business systems, operations, corporate structures, solo and group practices are among the many challenges facing coaches today. To be successful here, it’s important to work with a successful mentor coach, and LifeTrek coaches can provide the wisdom of experience while engaging you in designing your own unique business approach. LifeTrek coaches have valuable cognate experience in a variety of business roles and settings • ranging from being the CEO of a small start-up, to management within a Fortune 500 organization, to school administration, to ministry, to Organizational Development.

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If you are a coach in training, or if you want to take your coaching practice to a whole new level, we have a special passion for working with you. We would love the opportunity to talk with you about the possibilities. Just submit the form below to get the ball rolling. And be sure to visit our extensive archive of Provisions, including our series on Coaching Metaphors. We will contact you promptly.

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