Provision #520: Chautauqua Diary

Laser Provision I’m in the midst of a rich two weeks, filled with relaxation and stimulation. Last week I was in Chautauqua, New York at The Chautauqua Institution. This week I am in Harvard, Massachusetts at the NVC for Educators Institute. The two experiences have ended up being closely connected. Read on to get a […]

Provision #518: Thank You!

Laser Provision Last week I announced my decision to change the publishing schedule and format for LifeTrek Provisions. This week I feature your replies • they have truly touched my heart • as well as a Wellness Pathway submitted for publication by one of you • the readers of LifeTrek Provisions. Keep those cards and […]

Provision #489: Meet Amy Haas

Laser Provision We’re taking another break this week from our series on Optimal Wellness to introduce you to Amy Haas, the newest addition to the LifeTrek Coaching staff. In the weeks ahead, you will be reading Amy’s thoughts on the Life-Work Equation as she shares her wisdom on what it takes to juggle the demands […]

Provision #481: Random Wonders

Laser Provision For those who are waiting with baited breath for me to resume our series on optimal wellness, you’ll have to wait one more week. Too much happened during the past week that I want to highlight and comment upon. I trust you will appreciate my musings on topics ranging from the writing of […]

Provision #480: Resilience Coaching

Laser Provision We’re taking a break this week from my series on optimal wellness to introduce our new coaching specialty: resilience. If life has a way of getting you down, then you may want to make Christina Lombardo your resilience coach. Life gets a little easier when you have the right coach and the right […]