Provision #348: Start It

Laser Provision This side of the grave, there’s no way to actually stop and do nothing. We stop one thing in order to start another. But lest we go from one busy-busy activity to the next, without interruption, it behooves us to stop and think. This Provision identifies seven thinking strategies that can make life […]

Provision #347: Stop It

Laser Provision When there’s so much to do, it can be hard to think about stopping. Life swirls around us at a hectic pace. But we may need to stop it if we want to be effective at work, let alone to live well. Pushing performance, criticizing others, and rushing around are counterproductive strategies that […]

Provision #346: Be Persistent

Laser Provision Work is a lot more than performance and productivity. It’s also learning and enjoyment. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less work! Work takes determination to get started and persistence to see things through to the end. Using some of the personalities involved with last Sunday’s Super Bowl game, this Provision will inspire […]

Provision #345: Be Authentic

Laser Provision What is your true desire, your inherent ambition, in life and work? That’s an important question, especially when it comes to making money. Here, as everywhere, it’s important to be authentic and true to yourself. To make it so, you may have to set strong boundaries or to find a new position. But […]

Provision #344: Be Here and Now

Laser Provision Do you want to be more successful and fulfilled in life and work? It starts by showing up with nothing else on your mind. Pay attention to the here and now. Don’t contaminate the present moment with the past and future. Focus on what interests you, what you can learn from, and what […]