Provision #353: Ten Steps to Great Work

Laser Provision “It’s great work, if you can get it!” conventionally refers to a cushy job that pays great money for little work. But this understanding of work has got to go. Great work is any work we love to do. This Provision wraps up our series with a summary of the ground we’ve covered […]

Provision #352: Approach the Completion

Laser Provision To move our intentions forward, we need to let go of our limiting assumptions and to believe in our extraordinary ability to act on our choices. When you engage someone or yourself in what Tim Gallwey calls “the conversation for trust,” watch out! The power that stands ready to be unleashed really can […]

Provision #351: Approach the Intention

Laser Provision Have you chosen the work you do? Or does it hang around your neck, like an albatross? A good, hard look at your situation is a step in the right direction. But then you have to approach your true intention. What are you all about? What do you want to be doing? Why? […]

Provision #350: Approach the Situation

Laser Provision It’s easy to love the work we do when two things are true: when we see its value and when we enjoy the experience. Unfortunately, work often falls far short of this ideal. How can we turn things around? By getting real, being honest, and raising our awareness of what’s going on. Approaching […]

Provision #349: The Coach Approach

Laser Provision In many circles, coaching has become the rage. Companies seek to incorporate coaching in management, schools in supervision, and parents in child raising. But what constitutes good coaching? And can it really make a difference in our experience of life and work? This Provision begins to answer those questions with solid definitions and […]