Wellness Recipes

Want to know how to put those nutritious Wellness Pathways into practice? Look no further! LifeTrek Wellness Recipes are designed to reflect our understanding of both evolutionary nutrition, dating back to Paleolithic times, and medical nutrition, using the latest in scientific information. They will enable you to enjoy eating a lower-calorie, dairy-free, gluten-free, whole-food, and healthy diet. Try them to see how they work for you.

Coaching Kitchen #116 Focus and Priorities

This has been a week of good-byes, new introductions, packing, purging, planning, closure, coaching, being coached, celebrating, reconnecting, learning, and contemplating. That is almost too much for one week, but in a way, it has had some exhilaration to it. Sometimes the river is really flowing, and the best thing to do is to pay […]

Coaching Kitchen #115 Embracing the Adventure and Each Other

Vacations are great. And, even more so, when you fully engage and go for the gusto. Just back from spending time with my family in Iowa, I am relaxed and thinking about all the fun we had. From being soaked in a water balloon fight, to going to a musical with my niece, nephew, and […]

Coaching Kitchen #114 Unexpected Gifts

Have you ever had a gift come unexpectedly and drop into your lap? When, at the time, you had no way of knowing just how important the gift would become? That happened to me four years ago when some children in our neighborhood came knocking at our door. My husband answered the door to see […]

Coaching Kitchen #113 Packing Your Bags

There is just something freeing and exciting about packing your suitcase for a summer vacation. I think that the child in us is still very much alive, and jumps for joy when we head for the beach, mountains, or destination outside of our normal •digs.• It conjures up exploration, fun, and a chance to get […]

Coaching Kitchen #112 Enjoying Community

It was a special event when my parents threw a party for either our neighbors or the teachers from our small town schools. I can only remember them doing it a half a dozen times or so, and it definitely made an impression on me.Mom would buy special food that we didn’t see very often, […]

Coaching Kitchen #111 Changing Course

We all find ourselves faced with changes, from time to time. It is an inevitable part of life, bringing potential challenges as well as blessings. That is where I’ve found myself the last couple of weeks, swaying back and forth between letting go and embracing the new. If I can just stay grounded, taking it […]

Coaching Kitchen #110 Nurture Yourself with Memories & Corn on the Cob

Much has been written about the extent that nurture helps to form the individual being. And, it is in that vein that I contemplate my Iowa roots, and my young years as a farm girl. I’ve lived many more years off the farm than on, yet I owe so much to those early years when […]

Coaching Kitchen #109 Lighten Up with Caramel Rolls

Some will tell you that life is about the struggle and hard work, and once you’ve put in your time and paid your dues, then you might be able to get some reward from it. Well, I am here to tell you that much greater reward can be summoned from a more joyful and easy […]

Coaching Kitchen #108 Della’s BBQ Sauce

Happy Father’s Day to all the loving and hard working fathers in our world. They offer so much to us through their lives and in their love. And many times, we become the most aware of this, in their passing. It is in that spirit, that I thank my dad for all he gave and […]

Wellness Recipe #107 Root Vegetable Medley

Although we minimize our consumption of white potatoes and yams, for health reasons, we do eat other root vegetables either raw (such as carrots and radishes) or cooked (such as turnips, rutabagas, beets, sunchokes (or Jerusalem artichokes), parsnips, and sweet potatoes). We especially like those root vegetables that are lower on the glycemic index. Turnips, […]

Wellness Recipe #106 Pad Thai

Because we follow a modified Paleolithic diet in our household, we have more or less eliminated dairy, peanuts, and cereal grains, especially those grains with gluten. Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in all grains to which many people have either sensitivities or allergies. Human beings did not evolve with gluten in our diets. […]

Wellness Recipe #105 Bison Stew

There was a time, not long ago, when Atkin’s and other low-carbohydrate diets were all the rage. Fortunately, that time has now faded as many people learned that those diets were neither easy nor healthy for long-term adherents. Too many people on low-carbohydrate diets were eating too much saturated fat and too few fresh fruits […]

Wellness Recipe #104 Baba Ghanoush

In last week’s Provision I mentioned our family’s habit of eating a large Splendid Salad on a regular basis. As with many dishes, the calories in salad are in the toppings. That’s why it’s good to limit those toppings to 1 cup of Fancy Add-Ins as well as low-calorie salad dressings. The lowest of the […]

Wellness Recipe #103 Splendid Salad

People frequently ask us how to eat our blended Paleolithic / anti-inflammatory diet. With the virtual elimination of dairy products and cereal grains as well as substantial reductions in salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and saturated or trans fats, people imagine that there is little left to eat and that eating out is virtually impossible. Au […]

Wellness Recipe #102 Steamed Greens

Did you know that colorful, aromatic, and flavorful fruits and vegetables are not just appealing to the eyes, nose, and palate? They are also packed with healthy, cancer-fighting phytonutrients. What are phytonutrients? They are the biologically active constituents of pigments that give fruits and vegetables their color, hue, scent, and flavor. They are also potent […]