Wellness Recipes

Want to know how to put those nutritious Wellness Pathways into practice? Look no further! LifeTrek Wellness Recipes are designed to reflect our understanding of both evolutionary nutrition, dating back to Paleolithic times, and medical nutrition, using the latest in scientific information. They will enable you to enjoy eating a lower-calorie, dairy-free, gluten-free, whole-food, and healthy diet. Try them to see how they work for you.

Coaching Kitchen #131 Catching Your Breath

This was a jam-packed week. Attending a Punch Brothers concert, getting together with friends, meeting deadlines and managing difficult situations at work, personal appointments, and taking care of things on the home-front while Mark was out of town were all on the agenda. This is no different schedule than many of you manage, and there […]

Coaching Kitchen #130 Treating Yourself

Aesthetics have become much more important to me in the last few years. I think that I started to get those juices going when I began to think about remodeling the kitchen. It was a major remodel that involved knocking out a wall, taking the remaining walls down to the framing, removing the old flooring, […]

Coaching Kitchen #129 The Power of Positive Acknowledgement

I want to lead off this week’s essay with a warm and very sincere thank you to one of my dear coaching colleagues. She sent a note to me this week to let me know she had connected with my writing in last week’s Provision. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me, […]

Coaching Kitchen #128 Releasing Negativity & Unleashing Dreams

My mind was racing last night. I couldn’t seem to calm it, to stop the thinking track that I was on. My thoughts were a rumination of preparation for a big meeting coming up next week, getting everything ready and in order, not missing any details, worrying about how it will unfold. I laid in […]

Coaching Kitchen #127 Doing What Is Special For You

It’s good to be back with you after taking a few weeks off to visit family, host parties for friends, and to do the things that make holidays special, and keep life fulfilling. I’ve talked about the enjoyment I get from relationships of all kinds, so one thing that is very special to me is […]

Coaching Kitchen #126 Powerful Questions

Today, a colleague who was chairing our team meeting, decided to start us off with the question, “if you were retiring today, what would you be doing tomorrow?” I was amazed how quickly the first few people were able to answer that question — flying to Paris, traveling across the country in an RV, cruising […]

Coaching Kitchen #125 Accepting What Is Offered

I have been finding that taking people up on what they are offering to me works closely with following the path of least resistance, in order to get to what is helpful to me. It seems there is guidance and wisdom flowing on a regular basis and it comes in multiple forms, ready for our […]

Coaching Kitchen #124 Mindfulness and Gratitude

Mindfulness and gratitude walk hand in hand. The first allows being present to the full extent of an experience, and the latter promotes contemplation and connection with it. This week, I attended a team off-site meeting with my colleagues to reflect, rejuvenate, learn, and to have some fun together. It was the culmination of a […]

Coaching Kitchen #123 When the “Same Ole” Isn’t Enough

Life can be so much more than where we each stand, today. I can sense and see the potential in others around me, in myself, and in the collective circles of people throughout the world. It’s hard to be patient, when you want more and know there is more, and the shift comes at a […]

Coaching Kitchen #122 Living Authentically

One of my ambitions is to live more authentically, to let go of conventions and judging voices, and to embrace my core self. If I really let go, I am not sure where the process would take me. But I do believe it would be to a freer and more exuberant life than I am […]

Coaching Kitchen #121 Quieting the Noise to Hear & Follow your Wisdom

If you have been reading my essays here in LifeTrek Provisions, then you know I am all about creating good and joyful energy in life. With a focus on what is around you, what makes you happy, how you feel connected and fulfilled, and what you want more of in your life, you are armed […]

Coaching Kitchen #120 The Energy of Relationships

I am blessed with many good people in my life. And, it is in those wonderful relationships that I find both life’s meaning and an incredible generation of good and expanding energy. Each of our lives seems to take on a particular focus, or two, or three. I would have to say that my central […]

Coaching Kitchen #119 Surrounding Yourself with Music that Moves You

As part of a recent discussion, the facilitator asked if we could each think of some songs that put us in a great mood when we hear them. James Brown’s “I Feel Good” immediately came to mind for me. I hear the sax, I feel the beat, and my body wants to move. Smiles came […]

Coaching Kitchen #118 Creating Opportunities by Letting Go

I have been noticing that when I release my resistance I am more able to find my flow. When I let go of the reins or the struggle, a good course of action seems to unfold. That is a very fabulous piece of knowledge to have and to apply in one’s life. Getting to this […]

Coaching Kitchen #117 Tuning in for Life’s Next Lessons

An email came my way a few weeks back, and my intuition told me to pay attention. It was sent by a coach friend of mine, who is always tuned in to great “stuff,” so I read it to see what she was up to. Molly was inviting me to a half-day workshop for personal […]