Wellness Pathways

Wellness is everyone’s concern. It takes both intention and attention to promote. Bob Tschannen-Moran, the President of LifeTrek Coaching International, has taken a holistic Wellness is everyone’s concern. It takes both intention and attention to promote. Bob Tschannen-Moran, the President of LifeTrek Coaching International, has taken a holistic approach to living well ever since he shifted from being obese, sedentary, and stressed in 1998 to being fit and healthy ever since.

This passion led Bob to join the faculty of Wellcoaches Corporation in 2004, a leading provider of coach training for health and wellness professionals. We invite you to click through to learn more about the LifeTrek Wellness Coaching programs or to arrange for a complimentary wellness coaching session.

Wellness Pathway #174: Stroking For Success

In her recent Wellness Pathway, Kate Kriynovich wrote about the importance of “friend time” to lowering stress. She highlighted the gender-based research on stress, suggesting that men are more likely to respond to stress through the “Fight or Flight” reaction while women are more likely to respond with “Tend and Befriend” strategies. This difference reflects […]

Wellness Pathway #178 Trying Acupuncture

One year ago, during the move from Ohio to Virginia, I injured my right shoulder. I have no recollection of any specific injury, I just know that at some point after the move I started having soreness and unattractive grinding sounds in my shoulder. As time went on, I tried massage therapy and chiropractic to […]

Wellness Pathway #181 Sit Up Straight!

How many times did you hear your mother say those words, “Sit up straight!” It turns out she was on to something and not just being a nag. Poor posture can lead to all kinds of health problems. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, these problems can include “impaired breathing, musculoskeletal pain, and fatigue. Poor posture […]

Wellness Pathway #184 Sing Away Snoring

There’s an old saying, “Those who sing, pray twice.” New research suggests a different benefit: “Those who sing, snore less.” Edzard Ernst, MD and PhD from the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, England, reports on a small study of 30 people who were tape recorded at night to measure the volume and duration of snoring.The […]

Wellness Pathway #186 Relax Your Shoulders

Good health involves nutrition, exercise, rest, and relaxation. What we eat and drink, how and how often we move, getting enough uninterrupted sleep, and releasing the stress and strains of everyday life are all important to optimizing our physical well-being. It’s not enough to eat healthy, for example, and never exercise. Or again it’s not […]

Wellness Pathway #189 Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Developed by Edmund Jacobson in the 1920s and 1930s, progressive muscle relaxation can be made a regular part of your daily routine. It involves the progressive tensing and relaxing of different muscle groups. When done systematically, from head to toe, it can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and increase awareness. It’s a particularly good exercise […]

Wellness Pathway #191 Get Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a word that’s been around since the late 1960s. It refers to using signals from the body to improve health and performance. Runners know, for example, the value of training in a certain heart rate zone. By wearing a heart rate monitor, one can be sure to train neither too hard nor too […]

Wellness Pathway #197 Enhance Beauty

More than a year ago, I wrote about the importance of appreciating beauty to health and wellness. Health is not just a matter of nutrition and exercise. It’s also a matter of rest, recovery, relaxation, personal hygiene, and self-care. Beauty has a part to play in all the above. It can provide the inspiration to […]

Wellness Pathway #203 Listen To Your Heart

I mentioned before one of my favorite meditation techniques: using a stethoscope to align your breathing with the sound of your own heart. Quite apart from any metaphysical considerations, this technique is such a simple and effective way to relax that I want to review it in some detail in this week’s Wellness Pathway.First, let’s […]

Wellness Pathway #208 Take Regular Breaks

In response to a recent Wellness Pathway, one observant reader submitted the following question: “Since probably everyone reading your e-mail is sitting at their desk, and since in this age we have ever more time committed to being (sedentary) in front of our computers at work and at home, my question to you is how […]

Wellness Pathway #225 Take the Time

Whatever their primary goal, all LifeTrek coaching clients work on the unhappily named project of “time management.” It’s poorly named because there is no way to manage time, let alone to make time. Time makes and manages itself, one second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, century, and millennium after another. That’s what time […]

Wellness Pathway #245 150 Breaths

In past Wellness Pathways, I have written about the importance of exercise and have passed along the recommendation that healthy people need to walk, jog, or run about 10,000 steps a day. Wearing an inexpensive pedometer throughout the day can help you keep track of and increase your steps over time.But exercise is not the […]

Wellness Pathway #246 Forgiveness Cures

Although I feel badly about recently sending out a poorly worded Wellness Pathway, your patience with me ironically gives you the opportunity to experience a powerful cure-all: forgiveness. In his book, Forgive for Good, Frederic Luskin, Ph.D., documents the following health benefits of forgiveness: Forgiveness lowers blood pressure and the concomitant risk of heart disease and […]

Wellness Pathway #263 The Awake / Asleep Balance

What’s the right balance, for optimal wellness, between being awake and being asleep? I have written before about this important balance, and it’s time for a refresher course. That’s because the balance between being awake and being asleep is the critical factor. Too much sleep (more than 8 hours per night) and too little sleep […]

Wellness Pathway #281 Sleep Yourself Thin

Two things are true in America and in much of the developed world: people are increasingly sleep deprived and people are increasingly overweight. Could the two be connected? Research supports that theory and provides an explanation as to how the connection works. In two separate studies, individuals who slept less an average of 5 hours […]