Wellness Pathways

Wellness is everyone’s concern. It takes both intention and attention to promote. Bob Tschannen-Moran, the President of LifeTrek Coaching International, has taken a holistic Wellness is everyone’s concern. It takes both intention and attention to promote. Bob Tschannen-Moran, the President of LifeTrek Coaching International, has taken a holistic approach to living well ever since he shifted from being obese, sedentary, and stressed in 1998 to being fit and healthy ever since.

This passion led Bob to join the faculty of Wellcoaches Corporation in 2004, a leading provider of coach training for health and wellness professionals. We invite you to click through to learn more about the LifeTrek Wellness Coaching programs or to arrange for a complimentary wellness coaching session.

Wellness Recipe #101 Fruit Chewy

Wellness Recipe #101 Fruit Chewy Our favorite way to start the day is with a fruit smoothie that is so thick and rich that one of our friends calls it a “Fruit Chewy.” This recipe will fill a blender with 3 servings of a delicious and healthy drink that will assist you to get through […]

Wellness Pathway #108: Get a Regular Massage

People under estimate the therapeutic value of touching. Two things decrease dramatically with age: laughing and touching. Young children laugh about 300 times a day. Older adults laugh about 15 times a day. Infants can die from lack of touch. It’s that critical. And yet as we age, the amount of touching we experience — […]

Wellness Pathway #116: Get To Sleep Early

Most people in the world are sleep deprived. And we brought this on ourselves, after 1879, with the advent of the electric light. Throughout most of human evolution, people fit their patterns of life and work, of activity and rest, to the natural patterns of light and dark. In northern and southern climbs, away from […]

Wellness Pathway #117: Breathe Deeply

Most people know that 30 minutes of vigorous, aerobic exercise a day is essential for good health. This week a new study revealed that being sedentary is actually more dangerous to your health than being overweight or being a smoker. Vigorous, aerobic exercise not only burns calories at the time of exercise, but it also […]

Wellness Pathway #123: Do Crossword Puzzles

Last week we had a friend visiting who, upon picking up a pen while reading the morning paper, somewhat sheepishly admitted that he had picked up the habit of doing crossword puzzles. I coached him to continue the habit, because more than one study has found an inverse relationship between the incidence of crossword puzzles […]

Wellness Pathway #129: Appreciate Beauty

These Wellness Pathways tend to rotate between nutrition, fitness, and wisdom tips. That’s because “Wellness” means a condition of optimal well-being. Nutrition and fitness will only get you two-thirds of the way. There are also pathways of the spirit, which go to the core of who we are and how we feel as human beings. […]

Wellness Pathway #133: Visualize Wellness

In this week’s Provision I wrote about the use of self-directing affirmations to stay focused on the important and to develop effortless support systems. The technique works because it marinates the mind with your best intentions until they become reality. Positive, self-directing affirmations have measurable, physiological effects. Runners use them all the time to enhance performance. […]

Wellness Pathway #141: Turn Off the TV

I’ve written before about the importance of being physically active for at least 30 minutes a day. Brisk walking, the most natural of exercises, is also a most healthy exercise. Sadly, even walking is beyond what most people manage to fit into their schedule. But television, now there’s something we have lots of time for!According […]

Wellness Pathway #144: Sleep Seven Hours

Perhaps you saw the news earlier this year. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, and the American Cancer Society found that people who typically sleep more than eight hours per night or less than four hours per night had a 15 percent greater chance of dying, for any reason, than those who typically […]

Wellness Pathway #146: Remember When

There was a time when people thought that the human brain would always and inevitably lose capacity as a part of aging. After childhood and adolescence, when the brain is developing in quantum leaps and bounds, the brain was thought to more or less shrivel and die. Now scientists are not so sure. Nutrition, exercise, […]

Wellness Pathway #148: Write About Your Feelings

One of the speakers at the International Coach Federation meeting was Mark Bryan, co-author of The Artist’s Way at Work. The methodology of The Artist’s Way involves a practice called morning pages, where people write three pages at the start of every day — before they read, watch, or process any other information. The writing […]

Wellness Pathway #155: Cultivate Positive Relationships

Studies show that positive social interaction lowers the level of stress hormones in the blood, lowers blood pressure, helps preserve cognitive function, prevents depression, and influences the survival rate among patients with very serious diseases. Not surprisingly, negative social interaction has the opposite impact.As coaches, we often work with people on their standards and boundaries. […]

Wellness Pathway Lower Stress with “Friend” Time

Provocative stress research from UCLA rejects the old “fight or flight” response when it comes to women. Instead, their study suggests that the female reaction to stress is more accurately labeled, “tend and befriend.” Laura Cousin Klein, Ph.D, one of the study’s authors, says the hormone oxytocin released in women during stress, encourages tending to […]

Wellness Pathway #164: Enjoy Life

It came as no surprise, but researchers reporting in the February 2003 issue of the American Journal of Public Health found a direct correlation between health and involvement in the arts and recreational entertainment. This particular study looked at children’s health. The more time and money people spent on the arts and recreational entertainment, the […]

Wellness Pathway #168: Stress Relieving Touch

Given world events, it seems appropriate to focus on stress reduction for this week’s Wellness Pathway. In prior issues, I have written about the value of breath work and meditation. This week I want to focus on the importance of touching. Everyone knows that infants require frequent touching in order to thrive. Most people fail […]