Resilience Pathways

In today’s dynamic and fast-changing world, resilience is more vital than ever. It’s what helps us to move past enormous obstacles and to move toward fully living our dreams. To become more resilient, one must develop supportive ways of being, seeing, and acting in the world. These Resilience Pathways can assist you to make it so. Learn more about our Resilience Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Resilience coaching session with Christina using our contact form.

Resilience Pathway #131: Are You Ready?

Once in a while, I have a complimentary coaching session with a potential coaching client who is not an ideal candidate for coaching. By this I mean, the individual is not ready to create and make changes in his/her life. Potential clients who come interested to know if coaching will serve them and who are […]

Resilience Pathway #132: Mind / Body Renewal

Think back to the last time you took a vacation. Did you return home feeling renewed and totally refreshed? Studies show that most people answer, “No.” Instead of arriving home with fully recharged batteries, most people return even more stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and fatigued than they were before the trip. If this describes your experience […]

Resilience Pathway #133: Seeing The Sea

While on a cruise of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea, I realized that my father and I share a great passion and yearning for a specific renewal habit. Growing up, I remember watching my father when we vacationed at the beach. He’d stand and stare for hours at the ocean as […]

Resilience Pathway #134: Careful Caregivers

Think about all the professional caregivers who in some way touch your life. What do you know about your medical or naturopathic doctor, life coach, chiropractor, personal trainer, therapist, dentist, etc.? In what shape is his or her life? Studies show that it is impossible for people to function up to their full potential if […]

Resilience Pathway #135: Applaud Your Life

On September 21, 2006 we laid my dear grandmother Josephine to rest. At the cemetery, as the priest finished the closing prayers, he asked that we please take a moment to think about who my grandmother became in her life time, her accomplishments, her way of being, and all that we loved about her. He […]

Resilience Pathway #136: Determine Your Resilience

Resilience coaching explores ways of being and doing that boosts your ability to bounce back from even the largest of life’s developments. To make this happen, resilience coaching has two dimensions. The first looks carefully at our ways of being that support a resilient lifestyle. The second looks carefully at our responses. In recent years, the […]

Resilience Pathway #137: Two Words

I left the house a few minutes early to meet the kids at the bus stop. On the way up I stopped at the mail box. I had just returned from the International Coach Federation’s annual conference in Long Beach, California and I had not had a chance to check the mail for a few days. […]