Resilience Pathways

In today’s dynamic and fast-changing world, resilience is more vital than ever. It’s what helps us to move past enormous obstacles and to move toward fully living our dreams. To become more resilient, one must develop supportive ways of being, seeing, and acting in the world. These Resilience Pathways can assist you to make it so. Learn more about our Resilience Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Resilience coaching session with Christina using our contact form.

Resilience Pathway #116: The Ripple Effect

Just over two years ago, I renewed my own personal wellness journey. After over five years of marriage and bearing two children, my wellness renewal was long overdue. I was inspired by my sister and my neighbor. My sister was a few months into renewing her physical and mental wellness when I found her daily […]

Resilience Pathway #117: A Gift in Unwelcome Change

Beginning at a very young age, and throughout our lifetime, we encounter uncomfortable life experiences. My seven year old daughter’s teacher, who she just met three short weeks ago and already adores, is leaving on maternity this February. My daughter will have a new teacher from February through the end of the school year. Questions, […]

Resilience Pathway #118: Personal Key Learnings

Over the years, I’ve made it a habit to write down personal key learnings that I’ve either experienced or realized about myself. Personal key learnings are our own “ah ha’s” that we witness about ourselves. Such learnings capture the attributes, habits, traits, etc. that lend themselves to the fulfilling ways in which we prefer to […]

Resilience Pathway #119: Moving to I Am

As a coach, I often hear my clients talk about things that they really want to do or be. Uncovering our dreams is the first step that enables us to authentically use the language of “I want” as opposed to “I need.” That is an accomplishment in itself. But once we begin using language that […]

Resilience Pathway #120: Perspective Faces

My husband recently accomplished his goal of running and finishing a marathon. After only four months of training, he finished the race in 4 hours and 11 minutes, a pretty good time for a first marathon. I arrived moments before the first person crossed the finish line and I was able to experience the immense […]

Resilience Pathway #121: Noticing You

So often our days are consumed with thoughts and feelings about either something that happened in the past or that may happen in the future. But how often do we simply notice what is happening within you and around you in the present moment? Probably not often enough. For example, at this very moment, I’m […]

Resilience Pathway #122: Becoming Visible

What does it take for someone to really see you? To see who you are on the inside? To see you for the creative, resourceful, and whole human being you are? For someone to see who you are, as a person, can be very easy, quite a mystery, or somewhere in between. Often it depends upon two […]

Resilience Pathway #123: Talk to Strangers

Over a decade ago I met a very special person. When we first met, I asked him what he did for a living. His response to me was that he was simply an observer of human behavior. I really connected with that as a job description and decided to adopt it for my own personal […]

Resilience Pathway #124: Reveal Your Secret

Over the years, one of the things I’ve grown to love most about being a coach are the times when I get to see how freed my clients become by the simple act of revealing a deep secret. Too many times to recall, my ears have served as the vehicle to my client’s release of […]

Resilience Pathway #125: Celebrate Being You

Common celebrations for most people include birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, job promotions, or other milestones. They are typically about our accomplishments and, as such, they live outside of who we are and outside of the special qualities that make up our unique identities. What would it be like for us to simply celebrate who we are, […]

Resilience Pathway #126: My Dream Poster

It is tempting this time each year to create a list of things we should accomplish or change in our lives as we move into the New Year. Yes, I’m talking about those sometimes dreadful New Year’s Resolutions. For 2006, I’m trying a unique approach to renewing myself. This approach does not involve making a […]

Resilience Pathway #127: Not My Friend

Over the holidays, my sister was telling me about a conversation she had with a “friend” of hers, who we’ll call “Robbie” (not her real name). She began her story by saying to me, “Do you remember Robbie? She’s my friend who is not really my friend, who you met last month?” I did remember […]

Resilience Pathway #128: The Big A

Most often my clients show up to their coaching sessions well prepared, knowing exactly what they hope to accomplish or explore during our time together. Sometimes, however, clients show up and their intention is a little foggy. In these instances, we work together to determine a meaningful path. Years ago, in the early days of […]

Resilience Pathway #129: Try It With A Smile

I have to give credit to my five year old daughter for this Resilience Pathway. She’s too little to realize that when she said these five little words: “Try it with a smile,” she had a special impact not only on me but also on a few of my clients. While trying on a dress […]

Resilience Pathway #130: Secret Sacrifices

Are you in a profession where your work involves intimately caring for others? If you are a doctor, therapist, nurse, teacher, coach or other similar profession, then it is very likely that you make secret sacrifices and could be setting yourself up for some serious distress. A secret sacrifice involves giving up and/or not pursuing […]