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Parenting Pathway #101: Touch Your Baby

To your baby, “touch is as important as sleeping and eating,” says Tiffany M. Field, Ph.D., Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami Medical School. A caregiver’s intentional touch has physical benefits, such as improved circulation and increased digestion, in addition to emotional bonding. Massaged infants show deeper sleeping patterns, reduced anxious behaviors, and […]

Parenting Pathway #102: Instill the Inspiration for Work

Our children learn about the meaning of work from us. When we use phrases such as, “I have to work so we can buy food” or “I have to go to work or I’ll be in trouble with my boss” the message we send our children is that work is forced, dreaded, and a necessary […]

Parenting Pathway #103: Money Talks, Children Listen

It’s never too soon to educate our children about money. If we wait until they are teenagers, their spending habits are already set. According to Teenage Research Associates, older teenagers spend an average of $153 each week, 7% have a credit card in their own name, and 18% have access to a parent’s credit card. […]

Parenting Pathway #104: The 4th Trimester

Are you a new parent, or about to become a new parent? Nothing compares to bringing your first baby into the world. Many new parents experience an overwhelming rush to prepare for their new baby in many ways. This preparation includes everything from buying baby furniture, clothes, and diapers, to learning the baby lingo like […]

Parenting Pathway #105: Approach Life With Curiosity

While vacationing with my family at the beach, I learned so much from my two year old as I watched her explore the sand with endless curiosity. I watched her pick up everything she came across on the seashore from broken shells to sea weed and I began to wonder what life would be like […]

Parenting Pathway #106: Bedtime Prayers

Many of you may share with me the practice of saying bedtime prayers with your children when you tuck them into bed at night. This habit is good for children and adults alike. Taking the time to slow down at the end of the day and to be mindful of the gift of life is […]

Parenting Pathway #107: First Day of Kindergarten

When my oldest daughter started Kindergarten, it was a moment full of emotions including excitement, pride, sadness, fear, and many others. Below you’ll find a list of some of the things that helped me take in this experience and make the most of it. I invite you to try some of the following things when […]

Parenting Pathway #108: Leadership Development for Parents

I recently taught a Leadership Development course for a group of fairly experienced group of managers. As I was designing the course, my challenge was to share information that would have long-term impact. I chose to focus the content on the key skill of emotional intelligence and its role in our “bottom-line” based world of […]

Parenting Pathway #109: A Child’s Pace

Last evening, as I was resting in my bedroom on the second floor, I heard my four-year-old daughter run from the playroom in the front of the house, to the basement, back to the first floor, outside, up the stairs to the bathroom and, finally, into my bedroom.She runs everywhere she goes. For her, every […]

Parenting Pathway #110: Awareness

With the arrival of Fall, children are returning to, or beginning, school. There are many opportunities to meet new friends and maintain existing bonds of friendship. As children are being exposed to those who are different from themselves, you may notice your child’s struggle with “awareness.” Awareness, according to Dr. Bruce Perry Medical Director for […]

Parenting Pathway #111: Implement a “No Screens” Day

Earlier this year, a researcher at Tufts University found out just how much infants pick up when watching television. It has long been known that infants base their emotional responses on the responses they see modeled by the adults around them. What was new in this study was the discovery that infants also pick up […]

Parenting Pathway #112: Acknowledge Children’s Feelings

Teaching children to know what their feelings are and to trust them builds independence and empowers your little one. But we often fail to do that well. Consider the following scenario: Child: “I don’t feel pretty when I’m wearing pants. I want to wear a sun dress.” Mother: “You’ll feel nice and warm wearing pants […]

Parenting Pathway #113: Engage Cooperation

Engaging a child’s cooperation can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. For many parents, it can be exhausting, frustrating, and very time consuming. Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, the authors of the National Bestseller, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk Click, write about tools that, when used correctly and consistently, […]

Parenting Pathway #114: Build Self-Esteem

Helping to build our child’s self-esteem is one of our most precious responsibilities as a parent. It requires tenderness, love, and cautiousness in our parental words and actions. The minds and hearts of children are grown and molded by our every word and action, thus impacting a child’s self-esteem. Part of helping a child build his […]

Parenting Pathway #115: Spark Creativity

Several years ago I took my daughters, then ages 1 and 3, to the art supply store. I told them that they were going to create a masterpiece all on their own. They selected most of the supplies we purchased. We bought a variety of acrylic paints including all of our favorite colors, different sizes […]