Leadership is the art of being contagiously inspired. Through their vision, energy, values, judgment, aspirations, instincts, integrity, and intuitions, leaders inspire others not only to follow but to work together in common cause. If you aspire to be a leader or if you want to improve your leadership, then these Leadership Pathways will equip you with the necessary skills and sensitivities. Learn more about our Leadership Coaching Programs and arrange for a complimentary coaching session with using our Contact Form.

Leadership Pathway #101: Spirituality in Leadership

Leaders are always at their strongest when they are aligned with their values. So too, an organization’s human resources are strongest when they have the opportunity to work within their values structures. It’s when we cross out of alignment that we can get into murky waters and can lose our footing, confidence, and strength. The first […]

Leadership Pathway #102: Tug of War

Do you often feel resistance at work? If so, you’re not alone. It was not uncommon for me to find employees who were in this position when I worked in corporate Human Resource departments. Corporate coaching required that I creatively seek out a balance between an organization’s needs and the wants and dreams of the people […]

Leadership Pathway #103: Got Feedback?

When is the last time you asked for feedback? Think back to a time when someone said to you: “I’d like to give you some feedback.” What did you feel? If you felt concern or fear, you’re not alone. Many people associate the word “feedback” with something bad, negative, or news to come about something […]

Leadership Pathway #104: Finding Your Voice

I am a believer in listening to one’s own wisdom. And, I have found that one’s wisdom is made up of many experiences, discussions, and resources. Some of the most powerful wisdom that I have come across recently is the encouragement to find my own voice and be true to it. In other words, to […]

Leadership Pathway #105: A Space Mission

One of the easiest ways to attract something new that you really want in your life is to simply create the space for it. Do you want a new client? How about a new job or a new opportunity? Maybe you want a new and exciting romance. Regardless of what you want, it is time […]

Leadership Pathway #106: What Are You Adding?

As a leader in your organization, community, school, church, temple, mosque, or family, what are you adding to the mix? Do you offer integrity? Enthusiasm? Emotional support? A keen mind? An inquisitive nature? Fun and a good sense of humor? We each have very special gifts to share with our colleagues. And, in the spirit […]

Leadership Pathway #107: Clean Inner Space

Stop and listen. What are you telling yourself at this very moment? What are you feeling at this very moment? How about at this moment? What are the thoughts and feelings that you’ve been carrying with you today’this week? It is so easy to become unaware and complacent in our habitual thoughts and feelings. The […]

Leadership Pathway #108: Live Like You Were Dying

I’ve been inspired lately by Tim McGraw’s song, “Live Like You Were Dying.” The song is about a man who has just found out from an x-ray that the end of his life could be very near. The song takes you through how this man began to live his life differently because of the news […]

Leadership Pathway #109: Respecting Diverse Paths

A recent conversation reminded me how diversity of opinion can be both uncomfortable and productive. It can raise our ire and challenge our thinking. If we are open to its merit, it can cause us to pause long enough to examine our personal experience and to consider others’ realities and thoughts. Not a bad thing.As […]

Leadership Pathway #110: Ask For What You Want

I love to inspire myself, my children, and my coaching clients to ask for what we want. I frequently hear myself saying: “Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want.” “If what you want seems unreasonable, find the courage to kindly ask anyway.” “You’ll never know until you ask.” “Always take care of […]

Leadership Pathway #111: What Is Your Theme Song?

Your theme song is the rhythm in which you move through life. It is the inner beat or harmony that energizes you. Your theme song is the music that happens inside your being that only you can hear and feel. It can be so subtle that you’ve never or hardly notice it. Other times, the […]

Leadership Pathway #112: Peace & Questions

Could you use a little more time in your day? How about more work / life balance? Are you interested in a little more peace in your life? If so, simply begin to ask the right questions.Do you have employees or co-workers who seek out your assistance with their problems or challenges on a regular […]

Leadership Pathway #113: Embrace Risks

Do you take risks? I’ll bet you do. In fact, I would wager you take them all the time. The difference may be in whether you choose them or not.The benefits of taking calculated risks have been written about by many people. Almost all of them tell us the same thing: The thinking and actions […]