Creativity isn’t just for artists and kids! It’s for anyone who wants to explore and express their unique spirit, who wants to have more fun in life, and who wants to crack the nut of working smarter rather than harder. If you’re in for a good shot of creativity, then these Creativity Pathways, written primarily by LifeTrek coach Erika Jackson, will get your juices flowing and move you further down the path. Learn more about our Creativity Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Creativity coaching session with Erika using our Contact Form.

Creativity Pathway #155: Choose Your Emotions

I am afraid to clean out my garage. The truth is that I love to clean. Cleaning is, in fact, one of my most favorite and calming past times. So, when I think about the issue more attentively, I realize that I’m not afraid to clean. So what is it? Bruce DiMarsico, psychologist and creator […]