Creativity isn’t just for artists and kids! It’s for anyone who wants to explore and express their unique spirit, who wants to have more fun in life, and who wants to crack the nut of working smarter rather than harder. If you’re in for a good shot of creativity, then these Creativity Pathways, written primarily by LifeTrek coach Erika Jackson, will get your juices flowing and move you further down the path. Learn more about our Creativity Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Creativity coaching session with Erika using our Contact Form.

Creativity Pathway #146: Do Be Do Be Do

Many years ago, I left a job in which I was absolutely miserable. I was dissatisfied with my manager, the culture of my department, and had a laundry list of instances where I felt I had been treated unfairly. I left feeling battered, insecure, and questioning of my own skills, all the while sure that […]

Creativity Pathway #147: Body Geography

When we get stuck mentally, we can use our physical bodies to get ourselves unstuck. Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling small inside, your body gets small with you? We literally shrink, pull our bodies into ourselves, or curl up in a ball. When I feel defeated, I’ll find myself lying flat on […]

Creativity Pathway #148: Perspective Shifting

For two weeks, I’ve been proudly telling friends and family that my son got his first tooth. Yes, an adorable little protrusion on the bottom left. I get such pleasure reaching into the left side of his gummy mouth and feeling his sharp baby tooth. Only, I’ve realized that it is absolutely untrue. My young son […]

Creativity Pathway #149: How to End the Day

Here are twenty great ways to end the day: Sketch what transpired during the day. Without words, use the line and colors to express your experience. Eat a nourishing snack. Tell someone that you love them. Be touched. Read something fascinating. Reflect on the question, “What did I enjoy today?” Think of 10 things about […]

Creativity Pathway #150: Do You Really Want It?

Tis the season to ask for what you want; the season for list making, goal setting and the dreaming of dreams. But, are you sure that what you are wishing for is really what you want? You see, there is a vast difference between wishing for the creation, or existence, of something (a Want) and […]

Creativity Pathway #151: Grow Your Network

There is a commercial on television that depicts a man suffering the consequences of missed messages and deadlines as well as the receipt of misinformation. Behind him stands a small group of people representing his wireless network. In contrast, we see an organized, successful, and well-informed man. Standing behind him are dozens of people meant […]

Creativity Pathway #152: What Is Right?

I’ve spent some time wallowing in the muck for the last few weeks. Following a wonderful holiday season, with the opportunity to spend time with family and friends from out of town, the sadness of their absence has enveloped me. In particular, I have missed my sister whose comforting presence dramatically changes the essence of […]

Creativity Pathway #153: Pleased to Write

Given my passion to uncover one’s creativity, I often work with clients who have a dream of writing. More specifically, they dream of being “A Writer.” In the minds of many, being “A Writer” is a mysterious and romantic business. Writers are thought to be genius and pained artists, sitting atop a mountain, with hours […]

Creativity Pathway #154: Pleased to Act

I have just achieved a life-long dream! After much deliberation, I recently mustered the courage to audition for a local production of the musical “Oliver!” It had been exactly 20 years since I last auditioned for a play and, in fact, it had been “Oliver!” that I auditioned for two decades ago. My first experience […]

Creativity Pathway #156: Is It Necessary?

This Pathway is one week late. I had planned to write last week and, as much as I tried, could not get into the flow of writing. Instead, the task began to feel like a “have to” instead of a “want to.” And “have to’s” can become energy draining instead of life giving, especially when we’ve […]

Creativity Pathway #157: Be Careful What You Ask For

My well-meaning Congressman sent his constituents a pamphlet announcing his upcoming Open Door Meetings. Upon opening it, I found the question “Do you have a problem with a federal program or agency?” in bold letters.As I read it, my mind immediately filled with a list of complaints. I could feel myself becoming charged with energy […]

Creativity Pathway #158: Pay It Forward

I found myself weeping this morning • and it was wonderful! I received a voice mail from a former client who was calling share the good news that she was officially leaving her employer to launch her own business. She also wanted to thank me to for being a part of her continued journey toward the […]

Creativity Pathway #159: The Sixth Sense

The intensity of intuitive experiences never ceases to amaze me. As I was driving home the other day, memories of some old friends suddenly popped into my head. There was no particular reason for the thought, but I enjoyed the nudge to remember them because we had not been in touch for several years. Within five minutes, […]

Creativity Pathway #160: Celebrate Creativity Stories

Think of the last time you were inspired by a great story. Was it a story that moved you to tears, gave you goose bumps, inspired hope or action? What was it about that story that connected you to someone or something? What was it like to be the receiver of a wonderful story?I believe […]

Creativity Pathway #161: Check Your Horn

I was in my car when I needed to get the attention of someone inside the house. “Well, I can’t honk,” I thought to myself, “the horn is broken.” Only, it wasn’t. I had, in fact, had the electrical components of the horn fixed about a year ago but had forgotten about it. I had […]