Creativity isn’t just for artists and kids! It’s for anyone who wants to explore and express their unique spirit, who wants to have more fun in life, and who wants to crack the nut of working smarter rather than harder. If you’re in for a good shot of creativity, then these Creativity Pathways, written primarily by LifeTrek coach Erika Jackson, will get your juices flowing and move you further down the path. Learn more about our Creativity Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Creativity coaching session with Erika using our Contact Form.

Creativity Pathway #131: The Color of You

“Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose. Won’t you let me go down in my dreams?” • James TaylorWhen Heinz introduced ketchup in new colors • purple, green, and “mystery” • my husband was appalled. “Purple ketchup tastes nothing like ketchup should,” he exclaimed. That was, until we conducted our own blindfolded taste […]

Creativity Pathway #132: Embracing Intuition

I’ve been particularly struck this week by the power and purpose of intuition. Intuition, for example, told me that a friend would benefit from receiving a copy of a book I have found to be inspirational. Intuition has informed me about the unspoken feelings and needs of those with whom I work. And, intuition has […]

Creativity Pathway #133: Trust Your Body

Last week, we launched a brief Pathway series focusing on Intuition, the everyday miracle. Intuition is not a talent granted to only a limited number of gifted persons, or those of the more “touchy-feeling” persuasion. The use of intuition is an ability that we each possess, and can access through the act of noticing what’s […]

Creativity Pathway #134: Without Ourselves

In a previous Creativity Pathway, I described the importance of listening to the messages and energies of our bodies as a path to our intuition. Within ourselves we have an awesome power to access levels of information beyond, or deeper than, the data of our other senses.But intuition also comes from without, from external sources […]

Creativity Pathway #135: Meaning & Metaphor

In Greek, the term metaphor means “to carry” or “to transfer.” In the coaching conversation, metaphors are used to transfer a client’s understanding of a situation, circumstance or thought from the unknown to the known. Metaphors generate new meaning, express the inexpressible and enable one to understand the unfamiliar with familiar words and imagesLinguists George Lakoff and […]

Creativity Pathway #136: Outside the Box

As part of a corporate change management process, I recently facilitated an exercise designed to enable a work team to learn more about the skills and daily tasks of its fellow associates. This team, who had professed a strong desire to change the way in which it interacts with one another, reacted to the exercise […]

Creativity Pathway #137: Spread Love

The day was glorious and full of sunshine, which evoked positive energy and enthusiasm in abundance. That was until I followed one small black truck for 15 miles on the way into town. In the rear window of the truck’s cab hung a sign with three pictures: a middle-aged woman and two pre-teen girls. Above the […]

Creativity Pathway #138: Draw Your Desire

The space between expectation and desire can be vast. And, the space between expectation and desire can too easily get in the way of us ever realizing our dreams. Our desires, of course, are those outcomes that we most want; those visions we have for our lives which are rooted in the deepest parts of […]

Creativity Pathway #139: The Perfectly Horrible Day

As you may have read, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in April. Because he is my third child, I entered the experience with specific expectations about how the days following labor would unfold. Therefore, when my two-year old daughter had a lingering fever while I was in the hospital, and my husband […]

Creativity Pathway #140: Sweat & The Small Stuff

I love clients who come to coaching ready to move; clients who are ready to set and achieve Big Hairy Audacious Goals (B.H.A.G.’s). The energy that comes with their focus is contagious and joyful. However, it is also easy to become discouraged when the focus is so big, and so far removed from the present. When […]

Creativity Pathway #141: Diversity of Thought

Bob’s not the only one who enjoys the inspiration and beauty of Chautauqua. I too have been going to Chautauqua for many years and this year my family and I were able to overlap for a few days with Bob and Megan, making the experience even more delightful.As Bob has noted, Chautauqua is a setting […]

Creativity Pathway #142: Get Beyond Guilt

I grew up in a community of pleasers, primarily women, who struggled to say “no.” Surrounded by people who believed it unthinkable to disappoint another, I watched as they, for example, stayed up until 3:00 AM making dozens of cookies for church picnics, hosted parties for 40 people after working overtime all week, attended events […]

Creativity Pathway #143: Throw A Brainstorming Bash

I’ve come to discover an all too common fallacy within our human thinking: that we must solve problems alone and must be careful to let no one discover that we don’t have all the answers. The truth is that, working alone, our solutions are then limited by our own narrow experiences, knowledge, and beliefs. And […]

Creativity Pathway #144: Acts of Kindness

I’ve recently become aware of the bountiful inspiration that accompanies kindness. Whenever I witness acts of kindness, from the anonymous (someone leaving extra pennies at the mechanical pony for children to enjoy) to the intimate (a loving, handwritten note to express gratitude for the sharing of gifts) I find my mind swelling with ideas for […]

Creativity Pathway #145: Turn Off The TV

I had planned to write this article the week Hurricane Katrina unfolded. Ironically, I found myself completely unable to produce anything as I sat dazed and depressed in front of the television.Of course, we’ve been bombarded with images of violence, death, and destruction for decades. Experts say this flood of “news” contributes to an unfortunate […]