Creativity isn’t just for artists and kids! It’s for anyone who wants to explore and express their unique spirit, who wants to have more fun in life, and who wants to crack the nut of working smarter rather than harder. If you’re in for a good shot of creativity, then these Creativity Pathways, written primarily by LifeTrek coach Erika Jackson, will get your juices flowing and move you further down the path. Learn more about our Creativity Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Creativity coaching session with Erika using our Contact Form.

Creativity Pathway #101: Silence

Welcome to the New Year! A time to get going, commit to those action items, restart – but wait! Is all of this activity making you dizzy and out of focus?We live in a noisy world – televisions blaring, cell phones ringing, emails beeping – and then, we create noise with our “To-Do’s,” “Should-Do’s,” and […]

Creativity Pathway #102: Curiosity & Creativity

I was tickled recently when a friend of mine developed a sudden interest in knitting. She is not a person who is naturally attracted to the arts and claims to have never taken on such a creative project. What inspired her to pursue this craft was curiosity.Curiosity is at the threshold of creativity. My friend […]

Creativity Pathway #103: Cookie Creations

The day we made disgusting peanut butter cookies was the best day I’d had in weeks. In a time crunch with my various business activities, it had been a period dedicated to output, product, and deadlines. I had not noticed how irritable and tense I had become. To add to the “list of things to […]

Creativity Pathway #104: Gain Perspective

You know this person. You know the person, at work or in your family, who lives under a dark cloud; the one who is victim in every circumstance. Maybe it is you? Maybe it is you who is feeling like nothing ever goes your way, like circumstances always work against you. It is sometimes me […]

Creativity Pathway #105: Law of Attraction

“I hope everything that could go wrong for him does,” she declared into her cell phone, while casually selecting the appropriate deli meat. “She” was the woman standing next to me in the grocery store.I am always amazed and grateful for the messages the universe creates for me when I am open to receiving. The […]

Creativity Pathway #106: It’s No Coincidence

While out running errands this week, I was feeling a slight touch of nausea and the kid in me began craving a lollipop to soothe my stomach. I noticed that I had orange Starbursts on the dashboard of my car but thought to myself, “No, what I really want is an orange lollipop.”Heading home, I […]

Creativity Pathway #107: Color Outside the Lines

Through my work with children, I have the opportunity to witness many interactions between students and teachers. While these interactions are usually positively inspiring, they are, on occasion, maddeningly uninspiring. It was in a preschool classroom, for example, that I observed a young boy being reprimanded for coloring outside of the lines in his coloring […]

Creativity Pathway #108: To Sing is To Pray Twice

Music has always been important to humankind. It is a universal language that brings together cultures and generations. We use music to celebrate, communicate, soothe, bond, worship, and landmark.For me, the experience of music is spiritual. Music is the external embodiment of my spirit, the vital principle or animating force within me. When I respond […]

Creativity Pathway #109: Jump into Journaling

An advertisement for a writing workshop read, “In moments of ecstasy, in moments of despair, the journal remains an impassive, silent friend, forever ready to coach, to confront, to critique, to console. Its potential as a tool for holistic mental health is unsurpassed.” And, so our journey into the blank page begins.For the next three […]

Creativity Pathway #110: Stepping Stones

I have written before about the practice of journaling as a chronicle of growth, a canvas for problem solving, and an entry point into the sub-conscious. One creative approach, called “Stepping Stones,” was developed by Dr. Ira Progoff in his Intensive Journal workshop.“Stepping Stones,” writes Dr. Progoff, are “indicators that enable a person to recognize […]

Creativity Pathway #111: Perspective Journaling

In last week’s Creativity Pathway, I introduced the practice of Stepping Stone journaling as a chronicle of growth, a canvas for problem solving, and an entry point into the sub-conscious. To continue our exploration of the benefits of journal writing, this week I would like to share an approach called “Perspective Journaling.”When coaches work with […]

Creativity Pathway #112: Conscious Moving

This week we focus on the importance of engaging our bodies in the process of creativity and problem solving. Our bodies often tell us what our minds refuse to reveal. As the Upanishads tell us, “What you can not find in your own body, you will not find elsewhere.” The body holds the emotions of […]

Creativity Pathway #113: Hey, You! Yes, You!

Yes, I am talking to you. And, I’ve been talking about you for months. “Oh, but I’m not creative!” you say.“I wish I could be more creative.” A good friend of mine said this to me as we sat in her newly, exquisitely decorated home. You see, this “uncreative” friend bought a home that had […]

Creativity Pathway #114: Unconscious Competence

In a recent Pathway, I challenged you to think about your creativity, or perceived lack of it. If you do not believe yourself to be a creative or artistically talented person, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your unconscious mind.In the field of organizational development, we often talk of the stages of learning […]

Creativity Pathway #115: The Relevance of REM

This week I continue my five-part series on dreaming, its importance, and its relevance to our creative consciousness Click. Although most of us forget our dreams, we typically dream for approximately one-fifth of our sleep time. During that time, our biggest, most creative dreams come during a period of Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep. Interestingly, […]