Do you love the work you do? Is your career a part of your calling? Are you thinking of making a career change or even of starting your own business? Are you tired of taking whatever opportunity happens to come along next? Do you want to design a vocation that reflects your values, vision, and virtues? If these questions are important to you, then these Career Pathways will assist you to clarify your thinking and take effective action. Learn more about our Career Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Creativity coaching session with Erika using our Contact Form.

Career Pathway #131: Leverage Your Energy

Some weeks just “rock!” Things are going well, you’re feeling on your game, and life just seems to fall into place. Personal energy soars, and your mind expands in terms of what is possible.It is at these moments we catch a glimpse of our dreams. They bubble up, and seem more plausible. Our confidence rises […]

Career Pathway #132: Network to Success

If you are engaged in a job search, hear this: most jobs are landed through contacts or experience with that particular organization. So if your search strategy does not include a large amount of time spent networking and following up on the leads you obtain in that process, you may want to rethink it. I […]

Career Pathway #133: Claim Your Direction

Whether you are looking for a different job, or attempting to enhance your current one, naming and claiming the direction you wish to go is crucial to success. By identifying and communicating your desires to the recruiter or your current manager, you significantly increase your chances of getting what you want.Recruiters first try to identify […]

Career Pathway #134: Look for Energy

In my coaching practice, I have been able to work with many career changers and vocation seekers. Sometimes, one of the most difficult aspects of this transitioning for the client is getting clear on their direction. They know they want to make changes, but they have not yet determined their future vision.During one session I […]

Career Pathway #135: Coaching Oneself

Much of the magic in a coaching relationship generates from the safe and welcoming space created for each client. One of my roles as a coach is to open awareness of each person’s self talk. It’s not enough that I present a conversation free of judgment and criticism. Until the client also creates that “safe” […]

Career Pathway #136: The Magic of Intention

I have been receiving messages on “intentioning” all week, and I am always struck by how simple yet how powerful this process can be. It is really about focus, clarity, and stating your desires to yourself and the universe.It can be as simple as declaring your attitude for the day, and holding that thinking in […]

Career Pathway #137: Personal Manifesto

During a recent coaching session, a client shared with me his personal process for gaining some vocational clarity. He called the resulting document his “personal manifesto” and explained the focus it had given him in directing his career search. I’d like to share his work with you here, so that you might think about tackling […]

Career Pathway #138: Give Attention to Intention

Have you ever noticed how you make things happen in your life? It’s really a very simple process, when broken down into the basics. I see it as determining your direction/desire, and then giving the direction focus and energy. Or, in other words, tending your intention • giving it attention. That is the basic process […]

Career Pathway #139: Find Peace in Grounding

Do you find yourself feeling “disconnected” sometimes? Hurrying from place to place, or task to task, and being caught up in the “busy-ness” rather than the purpose? I believe that most of us are in this boat at least part of the time.Besides losing the benefits we each receive from living in the present moment, […]

Career Pathway #140: Expand Your Borders

When we think of borders we generally get a picture of physical territory, but in this Pathway I’d like you to consider mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual borders. These are the borders that make up our daily lives. And these are the territories that we have to explore and expand when making real changes in […]

Career Pathway #141: Acknowledge Choice

In my many years of career coaching, one truth has become evident: when one believes that there are choices to be made, one elevates their personal power to a much higher level.This may seem like common sense, but feeling stuck and unable to make change in one’s life is actually quite prevalent. And many of […]

Career Pathway #142: Retaining Personal Power

Last week I wrote about realizing personal power through choice. We can also express our power, strength, and essence through knowing ourselves and following our inner wisdom.Many times coaching clients look to their coach for advice, but the role of the coach is to listen, ask questions, and discern the client’s wisdom. Each of us […]

Career Pathway #143: Opportunities Abound

Have you ever noticed how things seem to flow better when you release control and preconceived ideas? Sometimes we can hold ideas or plans so tightly that there is little room for paying attention to other roads and methods. Many times it is these secondary or surprise turns that lead us to a better place […]

Career Pathway #144: Leveraging Energy

I frequently hear or see the term “leveraging resources,” in the business world. In fact, I’ve used the term myself. It follows the thinking that resources are limited, so to maximize them we prioritize our use of them, we look for means to “get the biggest bang for our buck,” and we conserve when that […]

Career Pathway #145: Taking Care of Ourselves

It dawned on me this week that my spirit is itching for an adventure in nature. My parents just got back from a trip to Alaska, my brother has been calling from Yellowstone to report bear sightings, my daughter is camping in Canada, and my niece is emailing about exploring Vermont. Although I am energized […]