Do you love the work you do? Is your career a part of your calling? Are you thinking of making a career change or even of starting your own business? Are you tired of taking whatever opportunity happens to come along next? Do you want to design a vocation that reflects your values, vision, and virtues? If these questions are important to you, then these Career Pathways will assist you to clarify your thinking and take effective action. Learn more about our Career Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Creativity coaching session with Erika using our Contact Form.

Career Pathway #116: It’s Your Choice

Your “Gremlin,” a term coined by author Richard Carson, cannot be overcome by deciding to rid yourself of her or him. It is only by being at choice with how you listen to her or him that you begin to discover your true freedom.To “be at choice” with how much you believe the Gremlin means […]

Career Pathway #117: What Really Matters?

In the bigger scheme of your life, what really matters? Take a look from up on top • the 50,000-foot level • and think about your key values and what is most meaningful to you in this life. What are the overarching goals or lifestyle that you want to live?Are you living it now? Are […]

Career Pathway #118: Driven by Desire

The lazy days of summer are passing, and my body and mind are tuning in to the feelings of fall. I am noticing a desire to focus on my next steps. I am feeling more driven to seek my professional desires. It’s not just me. I hear others talking about this same energy and desire. […]

Career Pathway #119: Let Your Life Flow

I have been finding my way into many conversations lately, about the wonderful things that can come our way when we find ourselves in the “zone” or the “flow” of life. What I’ve been hearing and experiencing, is that when people find their natural flow, their zone, their path of least resistance, they are finding more […]

Career Pathway #120: Reaching Productivity Through Mindfulness

You wouldn’t necessarily associate the words “productivity” and “mindfulness,” but when you do, all kinds of things can break loose!One of my coaching clients reminded me of the sheer power of mindfulness. He was recounting the accomplishments he’s made in the development of his consulting business in the last few months, and associated his progress […]

Career Pathway #121: Give Yourself Some Space

What I have seen in my own life, and as a coach, is that answers don’t come when we are stressed, hurried, or in a “closed” mindset. They come when we create some space for ourselves and allow our wisdom to unfold and be heard.People can be especially hard on themselves when recounting past work […]

Career Pathway #122: Lightening Your Load

What is weighing you down on your trek through life? We all have things we’re carrying in our mind, body, relationships, and living that weigh heavily and utilize our precious energy. These things are not usually positive, nor do they contribute to our overall well-being and progress.There generally isn’t much to gain by carrying the […]

Career Pathway #123: Living in the Present Moment

One sure fire way to improve your daily living, is to care for yourself by living in the present moment. Of course this is no small task for most of us, who kick ourselves with the past’s “could haves” and “should haves.” And most of us tend to be good at pressuring ourselves with the […]

Career Pathway #124: Finding Your Answers

Whenever I want to connect with my highest self and energy, I travel to the mountain “peace pond” in my mind. I become very quiet, taking in the beauty, smelling the pine trees, hearing the rush of the water over the rocks, and breathing in the exhilaration of the experience. Ever since I was a […]

Career Pathway #125: Living a Bigger Life

Most of us seek something more in our professional life. This something may be missing altogether, or may be a piece that we long to expand. Either way, without it we know that we are living a smaller life, receiving less enjoyment than what we want.The reason we haven’t shifted to the bigger life may […]

Career Pathway #125: Get The Word Out

I learned recently that only 20% of all jobs are advertised in the paper and on Internet job sites. In addition, many of the hiring managers for those 20% already have a good idea of whom they want to hire, before the ad is placed. They are only placing the ad to meet company requirements. […]

Career Pathway #127: Create a Support Circle

I was recently invited to read a book published by one of our readers entitled “Mondays Stink! • 23 Secrets to Rediscover Delight and Fulfillment In Your Work.” The author, Carl Dierschow, shares what he has learned from his work experience in large organizations, to help the reader take control of their personal work satisfaction. […]

Career Pathway #128: Open the Door in 2004

It’s nearly time to welcome in the new year. But, in order to sufficiently open our minds to 2004, we might look back on 2003 to review and celebrate.What is the significance of 2003 in your life? Did you make any productive transitions? Did you reach any goals? What did you learn about yourself and […]

Career Pathway #129: Getting Out of The Way

We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to moving forward, especially into the unfamiliar, the unknown. Many times self-talk is the key culprit in undermining advancement. We each seem to devise elaborate rationales to keep ourselves moving along our current ruts, in lackluster and energy zapping jobs and environments.It takes great courage, […]

Career Pathway #130: Being True To Self

How often are you true to yourself in your choices? In this world of lost jobs, greater competition for work, frenzied levels of change, and pressure to perform and succeed, we can easily lose sight of what is truly important to the person we each are. It is easy to give in to the status […]