Provision #604: Subsistence Needs

Laser Provision It’s been said that those who have health have many wishes; those who do not have health have but one wish. That’s how important it is to meet our basic human needs. When it comes to human existence, it’s a never-ending journey to make sure our needs are met. Although there are no […]

Provision #603: What Is A Need?

Laser Provision Today we continue our conversation about universal human needs by identifying ten of the most salient and life-giving. We start with a theological digression but we soon get down to business with a clear understanding of what it takes to make life more wonderful. Doesn’t everyone want that? Whether your current strategies are […]

Provision #602: Needed Translations

Laser Provision Do you have needs? Many people avoid thinking or talking that way because they don’t want to sound needy. But there is a big difference between neediness and need awareness. Need awareness is universal and life-giving. It is, indeed, what lies behind the creation of the world itself. Life is a need. Everything […]