Provision #614: Vital Rhythms

Laser Provision Today we conclude our series on life-giving needs. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned a lot over the past 10  weeks. When we started, I was not exactly sure how to understand or describe needs. I certainly didn’t appreciate the dynamic and, at times, dichotomous ways in which needs are related […]

Provision #613: Transcendence 101

Laser Provision Transcendence gets left out from many taxonomies of human needs. Perhaps that’s because of the common association between transcendence and religion. Transcendence is much bigger than religion, however. The map (religion) is not the territory (transcendence). The territory is bigger than life itself as the dynamic dance of human needs plays itself out […]

Provision #612: Get Your Rest

Laser Provision For Christians, Easter Sunday is all about the renewal of energy. What was exhausted, depleted, and dead, comes back to life after a 3-day respite in the tomb. Whether or not that story works for you, it speaks to both the possibility of new life and to the importance of downtime when it […]

Provision #611: Challenge Yourself

Laser Provision Do you know the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”? Goldilocks tried one bowl of porridge and it was too hot. She tried another and it was too cold. The third bowl, however, was just right and she ate it all up. Those are the kinds of challenges we want in life […]

Provision #610: Autonomy Needs

Laser Provision Autonomy needs probably have a lot of emotional resonance for you. That’s because autonomy, when it gets compromised, can drive us crazy. Understanding that makes two things clear: one, it’s important to not tolerate those compromises for very long, and two, it’s important to respect the autonomy needs of others. Most bad behavior […]