Leadership Pathway #106: What Are You Adding?

As a leader in your organization, community, school, church, temple, mosque, or family, what are you adding to the mix? Do you offer integrity? Enthusiasm? Emotional support? A keen mind? An inquisitive nature? Fun and a good sense of humor? We each have very special gifts to share with our colleagues. And, in the spirit of sharing these talents, we can truly add value to the group experience.

Do you focus on sharing your gifts daily? Do you try to behave in ways that complement the situation, and bring out the best in others? When you are on your “leadership game,” who are you being?

No two people will answer these questions alike. We bring different experiences, personalities, philosophies, and methods to the table. And if we can find ways to work together and appreciate these differences, we generally build strong diverse teams who respect and trust each other.

In contemplating the ways in which we add to a group, we begin to define the importance of our role. The group would not function as smoothly or effectively perhaps, were we not in the picture. We can then begin to develop a sense of self, a sense of strength and function as a team player and leader. By playing to your true self, you can expand your value and set yourself up for greater happiness and success.

And as the leader, don’t you want to open up opportunities for others in your life to expand their value and success, too? All it really takes is learning about the people on the team, their potential and their interests, and then finding ways to support them in unleashing all that talent. 

Coaching Inquiries: What leadership qualities do you admire in others? What qualities do others admire in you? How do you add value and build trust in different professional and personal circles? Do you show appreciation for other team members talents and contributions?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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