Leadership Pathway #105: A Space Mission

One of the easiest ways to attract something new that you really want in your life is to simply create the space for it. Do you want a new client? How about a new job or a new opportunity? Maybe you want a new and exciting romance. Regardless of what you want, it is time to clean out the clutter in your life. 

Over the past few months, I’ve been on a mission to create space in my life. This included my personal living space as well as my mental and emotional space. In your living space, do you have any closets, drawers, or cabinets that are so full that you can’t fit one more item inside? Well I did. My file cabinet was so full that I did not have room for one more coaching client file. So I got busy.

Anything that I did not access on a weekly basis, I removed from my cabinet. Much of the clutter I shredded. Any files that I needed to keep long term, I stored in a labeled box in our utility room. When I finished creating some space in my file cabinet, a really cool thing happened. I got two new coaching clients! I created the space for something I really wanted and I got it! 

With this I was energized to do more. I moved on to my bedroom, then the kitchen, my daughter’s rooms, the basement, the bathroom cabinets, all of our drawers, etc. I touched every area of our home clearing out any clutter in our lives. It felt so energizing to create this abundance of space. Also, it was a heart warming experience to give things that we once loved and adored, but were no longer using, to those in need.

Now it is no longer irritating for me to open a drawer or cabinet. I no longer have to struggle stuffing something inside or dig something out. Now, our closets, drawers, and cabinets open with ease, our things are organized, we easily find the things we’re looking for, and we’ve created space for many new things to come into our lives.

This space mission includes creating an open and inviting space where you can stretch out physically and mentally, breathe, grow, and wash away irritations. Clearing out the clutter frees up energy that you have attached to your belongings. When you free up this energy, you create an abundance of space for new opportunities and good things to come into you life. 

If some areas of your living space are cluttered, your mental and emotional space may be as well. Next week, I’ll discuss how you can begin to clean out your mental and emotional clutter to create even more space. 

Coaching Inquiries: Are you up for a “create the space” mission? What clutter hangs out in your life? What things do you have and don’t use that could really benefit those in need? How many new opportunities are waiting for available space so they can come into your life?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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