Leadership Pathway #104: Finding Your Voice

I am a believer in listening to one’s own wisdom. And, I have found that one’s wisdom is made up of many experiences, discussions, and resources. Some of the most powerful wisdom that I have come across recently is the encouragement to find my own voice and be true to it. In other words, to discover and know what values I want to share with the world and to then have the courage to speak and live it confidently.

It does no one good to play “small,” to conform to others’ values or opinions, to remain silent, or to live an unexpressed life. This only leads to unhappiness, resentment, and fatigue. When we are not living the life we are capable of living, our chances of success and fulfillment are nil. It is only in the moments of true and sincere expression that we claim our greatness and share our gifts with those around us.

We are each here to share a message with the world. Your personal message may not seem profound or world-changing, but it can be powerful in your life and in the lives of those around you. We learn from each other, and we give each other courage to stretch and grow. It is often the simplest of messages that is the most poignant in supporting another on their journey.

Your life can be a powerful statement. It is all in the choices you make to share your true self with others. Decide what is important, and find ways to express it. Embrace your gifts, and others will, too.

Coaching Inquiries: What are your truths, your learnings, and your important messages? How might they serve others around you? Are you inspired to share them through discussion, mentoring, teaching, or writing? What idea is most compelling for you to share with others? How can you incorporate that into your life’s work?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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