Leadership Pathway #101: Spirituality in Leadership

Leaders are always at their strongest when they are aligned with their values. So too, an organization’s human resources are strongest when they have the opportunity to work within their values structures. It’s when we cross out of alignment that we can get into murky waters and can lose our footing, confidence, and strength. 

The first step in creating an aligned environment is allowing people to have a difference of opinion without feeling threatened or out of control. Inspiring people to perform is not about creating “yes” people who see it our way, but about creating space where folks can “add” to our thinking and our perspective. Fostering acceptance of many values allows for individual expression, and a greater likelihood of commitment to the organization, its goals and focus.

We each seek an organizational culture where we are comfortable bringing our “whole self” to work. It is hard to deny any part of our intelligence, passion, talent, or spirit. When part of this equation is missing, the prospect of reaching our full potential is severely hampered. Spiritual leadership acknowledges the parts of the whole, not only for self integrity but for the benefit of the individual and the organization.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you feel aligned with your values when at work? If not, what factors are contributing to the misalignment? Unhealthy politics? Questionable business practices? Pressure to “get on board” when you disagree with the company line? A culture that doesn’t value the same things you do? Consider the severity of the mismatch and what steps you can take to address it. Sometimes it’s best to move on if the gap is too wide to span.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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