Celebrate the Best for Exceptional Results

Because LifeTrek includes a team of professional coaches, we can work with individuals and organizations in a wide variety of areas, including wellness, career transition, career web portfolios, school performance, organizational development, creativity, and coaches in training. But how do we actually do this work?

Coaching takes place in many configurations. The most common arrangement is for a private, confidential, one-on-one, 30-45 minute coaching session that takes place over the telephone on a regular basis. Some people choose to work on a weekly basis. Others meet two or three times per month. Others choose to work face-to-face rather than on the telephone. The more frequent the sessions, the easier it is to keep the process moving forward.

During these sessions, your coach will:

  • Ask questions to make you think
  • Help you set practical, achievable goals
  • Provide clarity and focus on goals, aspirations and ambitions
  • Challenge you to go for the gold
  • Welcome and reinforce success

Why Hire a Coach?

Gone are the days when only top ranked athletes and CEOs hired personal coaches. Now people from all walks of life are making use of this incredible resource for personal success. A coach is your counselor and partner in going after the life you know you want and can accomplish, personally and professionally. A coach helps you hold yourself accountable for your life, to make sure you sincerely strive to achieve your potential. Just about anyone can benefit from our dynamic and proven conversational coaching process.

Group Coaching

In addition to private, one-on-one coaching, LifeTrek also offers group coaching for work teams or individuals with a common interest to motivate and learn from each other in a safe and yet challenging environment. In the presence of a masterful coach, group coaching participants discover that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Group coaching sessions typically last 60 minutes and are conducted on our telephone bride line. Subscribe to our newsletter, LifeTrek Provisions (Click) to watch for upcoming opportunities.

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