Provision #315: Know How

Laser Provision It’s not enough to know what our interests require. We also need to know how to put what we know to work. Unfortunately, many people fail to jump from knowing what to knowing how. Their attitudes and behaviors interfere with the development of their full potential. This Provision includes a simple process for […]

Provision #314: Get Educated

Laser Provision Success is not hard to achieve. The process is simple. Get interested in something. Pay attention. Conduct experiments. Study the literature. Talk with others. In other words, “Get curious and then get educated!” Once you know what your interests require, it’s only a matter of time before dreams come true. LifeTrek Provision Thomas […]

Provision #313: Knowledge & Wisdom

Laser Provision To be healthy and wealthy we need both knowledge and wisdom. We need to be knowledgeable about the things that make for health and wealth. And we need wisdom if we hope to adapt, apply and carry that knowledge as a gift to others. Mastering the art of balancing both knowledge and wisdom […]