Provision #320: Release Anger

Laser Provision Although the movie “Anger Management” recently made fun of the problem, many people suffer from a chronic sense of time urgency and free-floating hostility. They are, consciously or unconsciously, mad at the world. This posture takes a toll on both our health and our wealth. Fortunately, it’s possible to make changes here. This […]

Provision #319: Release Entitlement

Laser Provision To be healthy, wealthy, and wise we need more than to gain some knowledge and learn some skills. We also need to release some attitudes or approaches to life that interfere with our becoming all we can possibly be. For starters, we need to release a sense of entitlement and adopt an attitude […]

Provision #318: Know Little

ahead and how much there is to learn when it comes to health, wealth, and wisdom. There will always be more than you can ever know. But when you break it down into bite-sized chunks, you can learn just one thing • like blogging • before going on to the next. The process of lifelong […]

Provision #317: Be Yourself

Laser Provision To be healthy, wealthy, and wise we need to learn what we want, how to get it, and when to play our hand. But we also need to learn who we are and what we’re about. Being anchored more in identity than accomplishment is the key to success and fulfillment. By letting the […]

Provision #316: Timing Is Everything

Laser Provision “Buy low and sell high,” is the age-old maxim of successful investors. But no one knows how to time the market consistently (and watch out for those who say they do). Better to hook up with those who take the long view and know how to live graciously in good times and bad. […]