Provision #325: Top Ten Wisdom Pathways

Laser Provision We’ve reached the end of our conversation about wisdom, particularly as it relates to the pursuit of health and wealth. Once again, in a final recap of our three-part series on how to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, I have assembled here our Top Ten Wisdom Pathways. Properly followed, these pathways can assist […]

Provision #324: Release Aimlessness

Laser Provision We may have saved the best for last. To be healthy, wealthy, and wise we need to operate from the position of knowing who we are and what we have to contribute to the world. Each of us has a special life purpose. To go on vacation from this purpose is to lose […]

Provision #323: Release Apathy

Laser Provision To be healthy, wealthy, and wise we need to be concerned about more than just ourselves. Looking out for number one, without regard for others, actually undermines the success and fulfillment that most people seek. We stand a better chance of getting where we want to go by looking out for others. Caring […]

Provision #322: Release Impatience

Laser Provision Many people who want to get things done in the world become impatient and demanding. They know what they want and take no prisoners along the way. But this aggressive posture is neither the only nor the best way to get things done. A kinder, gentler approach holds out more hope for the […]

Provision #321: Release Fear

Laser Provision Do you worry about the future? In this, the age of anxiety, it’s almost impossible to be completely unconcerned. But worry has a way of taking over and killing the host who feeds it. This Provision will coach you through the process of moving beyond worry to a position of generosity and strength. […]