Provision #302: Free To Work

Laser Provision Many people think of wealth as being free to never work again, if that’s what they want to do. But this idea reflects an unhappy understanding of both wealth and work. True wealth is not about having so much that we never have to work again; it’s about having the courage to accept […]

Provision #301: Instant Wealth

Laser Provision Want to know how you can be wealthy in an instant? It starts the minute you choose to have more than enough. It doesn’t matter how much you actually have; what matters is your relationship to how much you actually have. Deciding that you have more than enough to spend, save, and share […]

Provision #300: More Than Enough

Laser Provision Do you have more than enough for yourself and for others? There’s no way to know from the bottom line of your balance sheet. More than enough is a mindset that can be found at every rung of the socioeconomic ladder. If you want to be wealthy, then it’s time to try this […]

Provision #299: Redeeming Wealth

Laser Provision What does the word “wealth” conjure up for you? Unlimited resources to do what you please? Illegitimate profiteering at the expense of others? People have many unhealthy attitudes when it comes to wealth, attitudes which interfere with both success and fulfillment. This Provision redeems wealth as we start a new series on the […]