Provision #307: Plan Your Receipts

Laser Provision Financial planning starts with knowing where your money comes from and how much you have to work with. A full-disclosure audit of your financial receipts can position you for everything from salary negotiations to additional education to business ventures to investment opportunities. But if you don’t know where you stand you’ll never know […]

Provision #306: Follow a Plan

Laser Provision How do you accomplish a goal? How do you enjoy yourself along the way? How do you deal with the inevitable surprises and opportunities? By following a good plan. Whether it’s running a marathon or achieving optimal financial well-being, few of us will ever get from here to there without following a plan. […]

Provision #305: Hardly Working

Laser Provision Are you working hard or hardly working? The difference is not how much energy you expend during the course of a day. The difference is how you feel about the energy you expend. When you love who you are and what you do, when you give more than you take out of the […]

Provision #304: Love Life

Laser Provision After years of memorizing other people’s poems, and with a little prodding from one of my LifeTrek Coaching colleagues, this Provision shares two of my own, newborn poems. They celebrate the power of life over death and they remind us of what undergirds both health and wealth: the love of life itself. LifeTrek […]

Provision #303: Free To Give

Laser Provision True wealth is not only being able to work freely, as we discovered in last week’s Provision. It’s also about being able to give freely. Understood in terms of optimal financial well-being, true wealth is more concerned with doing good than with getting the goods. The minute doing good becomes your reason for […]