Provision #312: Top 10 Wealth Pathways

Laser Provision We’ve reached the end of our conversation about the meaning and management of money. Reviewing the ground we’ve covered, I have assembled our Top Ten Wealth Pathways. Properly followed, these pathways can assist anyone to reach optimal financial well-being. LifeTrek Provision Before we move on to the subject of wisdom, I want to […]

Provision #311: Explore Alternatives

Laser Provision Robert Kiyosaki and other financial advisors predict that the biggest stock market crash in history is still to come. Want to know how to protect yourself? It’s not by having a diversified portfolio of paper assets. It’s by getting a financial education so you can do business and make investments that generate positive […]

Provision #310: Plan Your Giving

Laser Provision Does your portfolio include a section for giving? If not, you may be missing an important part of both money management and life purpose. Without planned giving, most people do not give well. Some end up taking more than they give. Others end up giving without making an impact. Planned giving will avoid […]

Provision #309: Plan Your Savings

Laser Provision If you want to be better off tomorrow, then you have to start saving today, and every day, for the rest of your life. To develop the savings habit, it’s helpful to think in terms of three buckets: cash reserves, investments, and retirement accounts. When you learn how to work these three tools, […]

Provision #308: Plan Your Disbursements

Laser Provision A financial plan pays attention to receipts, disbursements, savings, and giving. Of the four, disbursements may be the hardest to control, seeing as how something always comes up and we live under the pressure of a consumer society. But once you become aware of your spending habits, it’s possible to develop a plan […]